Rules and Guidelines for Member Hosted Shows

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    Rules and Guidelines for Member Hosted Shows

    Updated: 04/18/2016

    Randomized Shows

    • Show results must be posted within 5 days of the show close date, unless you have requested an extension from Leah Harrington. If granted an extension, your results must be posted within 7 days of the show close date.
    • Please note that extensions cannot be retroactively applied. You must get approval for an extension before the end of the 5 day window. Additionally, extensions for the open period of the show are prohibited.
    • Show results must be reported to Leah Harrington or an Event Coordinator for review before posting.
    • If you fail to report your show results to an Event Coordinator or Show Manager, you will receive a warning. If it occurs again, you will be suspended from hosting shows for two months. After the suspension is lifted, if it occurs a third time, you will no longer be able to host shows.
    • If you fail to post results within 5 days (or 7 if granted an extension) you will be fined $5,000 and entry fees will be removed from your account.
    • If you post your results but fail to distribute payouts within 3 days after the results are posted, you will be fined $2,500 and the entry fees will be removed from your account.
    • If the show has multiple hosts, the fine(s) is/are applicable to each person separately. The fine(s) will be split among any Competition Committee staff who volunteer to post results/distribute payment on the member’s behalf.
    • Fines must be sent to the [EQ] Equus Administrator main site account.


    • Equus-Sims will calculate profit and loss from member hosted shows.
    • Monetary Incentives will be provided for R-show hosting. Members will receive an incentive of $5,000 unless the member made profit from the show.
    • If profit is made from hosting a show, it will be subtracted from incentive. For example, if a member made $1,000 profit from hosting a show, the member will only receive $4,000 incentive. If a member made more than $5,000 profit, member will not be given any additional money from Equus-Sims.
    • If a member lost money from hosting a show, Equus-Sims will cover the amount lost in addition to the $5,000 incentive.
    • Incentive will be sent from the Equus-Sims admin account. It will not show up as a transaction that the member would have to accept, but as a transfer directly into the member's account. It can still be seen in bank history.

    Member reimbursements will be done as staff has time to do them. It could take up to a few weeks to receive.

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