Achievements from old forum?

  • I have never really tracked my tickets, and now I thought I would do so before the old forum disappears. I just wondered does the old R shows still count? Can I get activity points from my old scrapbook entries from old forum? I also was active with T shows and got some success, but in the new tracker they no longer exists – can I still get points from those too (they were in old tracker) or are those points lost now? Also confo shows were awarded in old tracker. I'm sorry if answers to my questions were already somewhere available, I might be blind and would then appreciate a link here :D Thanks in advance <3

  • I just cashed in on old forum stuff (T & R-shows) so yes, it's still possible. Here's info and link to the old achievement tracker :slight_smile:

  • @Merida-Dahmer Ah, this is great – thank you Merida! <3

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