Equus Automatic Registration: OPEN

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    Equus Automatic Horse Registration

    Features of automatic registration:

    • Automatic checking that the genotype is appropriate for the breed
    • Automatic checking that the horse breed is appropriate considering the parents breeds
    • Clear, concise & instant error messages if there are any concerns
    • Registration done in 5min from start to finish when horse details are correct.
    • No edit requests: If it's right, it's right! If it's not, send it in again. No time spent waiting for someone to see & make the edit you need!

    What you need to know to use automatic registration:

    • The automatic register can't check the conformation image but one is still required - staff will be conducting random checks to make sure the image is appropriate for the horse in question.
    • Where is wild bay, or seal bay, or sooty?
      Regarding wild bay & seal bay - did you know that they're actually untestable expressions of the normal A bay gene? I didn't until Morgan told me. They've been left off this doc on purpose because of this, so all your wild bay or seal bay horses will need to use the same A as normal bays to go through this registration.
      Regarding sooty - similar answer here- sooty is an untestable colour shift that we on equus have simply fallen into the habit of including occasionally - it has also been left off this doc on purpose.
    • When registering a horse please don't enter parents if they are not registered - this prevents the outcross checker from being able to check the horse properly. If one of your horses parents aren't registered, your options are:
      1. Send in the parent for registration
      2. Resubmit the horse without the parent in question. You can always send through a change form in the future to add the horse to the pedigree if they become registered.

    This list will be updated with information as I discover that members need it! Thanks for bearing with me :)

    If you're struggling with knowing what colours/outcrosses your breed accepts, you will want to check out the Master Breed List or the Breed Lookup Gizmo (which uses the same terms & info as the AutoReg)

    Verified vs Open Color Registration

    Verified Color Registration means that the horse's genotype must be accepted for its breed on the Master Breed List. Open Color Registration means that the horse must still be a horse color (No polka dotted purple ponies or unicorns!) but they can be any genotype, regardless of their breed.

    Equus Auto-Reg Form

    Equus Auto-Reg Responses

    If you make a mistake on your horse's registration do not post it here - it will not be fixed. Use the appropriate change form to make corrections to registered horses.

    2.5 Horse Information Lookup Tool

    List Of All 2.5 Registered Horses

    Have a question?

    Post below! Let's sort it out :D

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    Regarding Missing Color And Outcross Information:

    We are still finding breeds who have missing or incomplete color and breed outcross information, which is to be expected with the sheer amount of information that had to be manually transferred to the Automatic Registration system. These errors will likely continue to crop up for a while yet as members discover them, so to keep this thread reserved for actual bugs within autoreg, please report missing breed information in this thread from now on, so the Breed Committee can take care of them and leave the actual sheet errors to Elsie. ;)
    This thread is only for missing breed information that was accepted on the old Master Breed List and is being denied by automatic registration- any other bugs, problems, or questions about the actual registration system still need to be posted in the registration thread.

    Thank you!

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    An Important Note Regarding Automatically-Registered Horses:

    Most of you have picked up on this by now, but since there's been no formal announcement I thought I'd write it down to avoid confusion.

    Horses who have been recently submitted to Automatic Registration will flicker between Registered and Undeclared on show documents. This is due to an unavoidable issue with the way the system documents communicate with each other. If your horse shows up as Approved! on the registration list, he has been registered correctly and is free to participate in shows in his discipline! However, expect to see him flicker between Correct and Undeclared in any shows he is entered in for a short period (usually around a week) after being registered. Our fabulous show staff know to look for these errors, and your horse will not be disqualified from this issue. Please post in the show thread that your horse has been recently registered so the host knows to wait for them to be showing as Correct before judging!

    We clear the registration queue about once a week, or anytime the list gets longer than about 50-70 horses. Once the list is cleared, the horses on it have been archived and given a more permanent home in the system, so the flickering between statuses will stop. If your approved horse no longer appears on the registration list, you no longer have to worry about this issue.

    Thank you all for your patience!

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    Regarding breeds of denied horses:

    I've started to see this more commonly so I want to make an announcement about this issue.
    Occasionally, a horse will be denied because the cross between it's parents is not accepted for the breed, and the owner will immediately re-send the horse under a different breed. Please do not do this- for one, it is considered cheating to register a horse as a different breed than is listed on it's mainsite, and two, it tends to create a mess if you register a horse BEFORE trying to change its' mainsite breed.

    If you have a horse denied by autoreg for an outcross:

    • 1: Double-check that the outcross is not missing as a mistake. (This is especially common in Warmblood breeds.) The Old Master Breed List is best for checking for missing Autoreg information. If the outcross is missing by mistake, please post it in this thread and I will get it fixed and your horse accepted right away.
    • If the outcross is not missing by mistake but you think it should be added, please post your evidence as a Master Breed List change.
    • 2: If the outcross is not missing by mistake and you do not have evidence to prove that it should be accepted, you need to send a Main Site Change Form to change your horse's breed before you continue trying to register it. Again, please do not attempt to register your horse under a breed that does not match it's mainsite to try and get around outcross restrictions!

    Thank you, and feel free to comment here or message me privately if you have questions. :D

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    Changing Breeds Of Registered Horses:

    We have removed the 2.5 Breed Change Form because of too many people using it incorrectly (either thinking it was the main site breed change form or trying to change horses that were registered long ago.) If you select the wrong breed at registration and your horse is subsequently approved under the wrong breed, please message me either on the forum or Slack and I'll get it fixed up for you right away. ;) If you chose the wrong breed while making your horse's main site profile, please use the Main Site Change Form to have it changed.

  • Okay, can i enter a horse with for example Chimera, and how do i do this?
    I got this canadian horse that have chimera in her coat, almost looking like a tobiano (Actually i got two of them) But i cant figure out how to register them.
    Normally i would just send them in as a tobiano, but here, the tobiano isnt allowed, even tho i saw somewere that a real life canadian horse (purebred) has tobiano i its coat.
    But how do i set genetic mutitions in the form for the registration here? :)

    Nikki: Choose the genotype that best represents one of these two options:
    -The genotype you feel best captures the horses' main color (is it mostly bay? or mostly cremello? etc)
    -The genotype that the horse will pass to its offspring.

    Chimerism is not caused by a specific gene, it is caused by a mutation in a horse's development, leading them to usually have two genotypes- typically written as Ee/AA/nW/ff (ee/Aa/nCr/Ff) for example.

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    Autoreg is back online! Thank you for your patience!

    If you submitted a horse to registration between May 3rd and today that is now showing as Unregistered, please resubmit them! All the bugged horses were deleted during the repair process.

  • My computer lagged when i registered #35880 SLEC Chica and i accidentaly registered her two times - is there any way you could fix this? :)

  • Banned

    I can see Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper is registered with Show Jumping and Eventing as her disciplines, shouldn't it be Pony Show Jumping and Pony Eventing?

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    @Ashley-Lamothe said in Equus Automatic Registration: OPEN:

    My computer lagged when i registered #35880 SLEC Chica and i accidentaly registered her two times - is there any way you could fix this? :)

    Will sort that :thumbsup:

    @Regina-Walker said in Equus Automatic Registration: OPEN:

    I can see Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper is registered with Show Jumping and Eventing as her disciplines, shouldn't it be Pony Show Jumping and Pony Eventing?

    Whatever disciplines you select at registration are what the horse is registered in- the document won't change them automatically if the horse needs to be in a Pony version of the discipline. I'll fix this one, but horses with this mistake in the future will need a Discipline Change form submitted.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I registrated a foal/horse of a not registrated horse (Now registrated) How do i update them? It is Neptune WEE and Fran Zelion WEE

  • hello I own 35611 Oxford and there is an error on his first dicipline which is the show jumping and not lesorting and penning.
    thank you :)

  • Development Committee

    @Chris-Patt You'll need to fill out the discipline change form :)

  • I heavily messed up my first entry for Areion's Mercy of Valhalla. Idk what happened to my brain, but i accidentally entered a lot of incorrect information from the wrong horse.

    Please remove the first entry for 35886 Areion's Mercy of Valhalla. It's completely incorrect

  • I have a (most likely stupid) question, what is the "creator ID and how do I find it?

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    @Zoe-Brooks It's the ID of the member who created the horse. You can find it by searching on the main site for that member :slight_smile:

  • Hello, I'm new to the site and have recently started registering my horses. When the Automated registry system is asking for the horse's owner, do I put my Main Site/Forum name or do I put my creator ID in that slot? Just want to make sure all my registry submissions are done right the first time around ^_^

  • @Elizabeth-Fontaine You have to put your name, it will ask you for you creator ID later in the form :slight_smile:

  • I made a (small) stupidity, basically almost all the horses I was able to save under the ID of the horse on the hand site and not mine. Can we change that or that does not change much?

  • weird question i think..but, i entered one of my horses (ID36842) in a show recently but it said 'undeclared' in the results form, what does that mean ? i've never seen it happen before with one of my other horses

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