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    @Ashley-Lamothe said in Equus Automatic Registration: OPEN:

    My computer lagged when i registered #35880 SLEC Chica and i accidentaly registered her two times - is there any way you could fix this? :)

    Will sort that :thumbsup:

    @Regina-Walker said in Equus Automatic Registration: OPEN:

    I can see Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper is registered with Show Jumping and Eventing as her disciplines, shouldn't it be Pony Show Jumping and Pony Eventing?

    Whatever disciplines you select at registration are what the horse is registered in- the document won't change them automatically if the horse needs to be in a Pony version of the discipline. I'll fix this one, but horses with this mistake in the future will need a Discipline Change form submitted.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I registrated a foal/horse of a not registrated horse (Now registrated) How do i update them? It is Neptune WEE and Fran Zelion WEE

  • hello I own 35611 Oxford and there is an error on his first dicipline which is the show jumping and not lesorting and penning.
    thank you :)

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    @Chris-Patt You'll need to fill out the discipline change form :)

  • I heavily messed up my first entry for Areion's Mercy of Valhalla. Idk what happened to my brain, but i accidentally entered a lot of incorrect information from the wrong horse.

    Please remove the first entry for 35886 Areion's Mercy of Valhalla. It's completely incorrect

  • I have a (most likely stupid) question, what is the "creator ID and how do I find it?

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    @Zoe-Brooks It's the ID of the member who created the horse. You can find it by searching on the main site for that member :slight_smile:

  • Hello, I'm new to the site and have recently started registering my horses. When the Automated registry system is asking for the horse's owner, do I put my Main Site/Forum name or do I put my creator ID in that slot? Just want to make sure all my registry submissions are done right the first time around ^_^

  • @Elizabeth-Fontaine You have to put your name, it will ask you for you creator ID later in the form :slight_smile:

  • I made a (small) stupidity, basically almost all the horses I was able to save under the ID of the horse on the hand site and not mine. Can we change that or that does not change much?

  • weird question i think..but, i entered one of my horses (ID36842) in a show recently but it said 'undeclared' in the results form, what does that mean ? i've never seen it happen before with one of my other horses

  • I have a problem with my horse ELS Starlit Epsilon, I can not register it because one of these parents, grandparents would not register when after verification, they are all :/

  • I messed up big time and entered my own creator ID instead of the real creator of the horse :face_palm: Can you please change Oh So Boho's (#37098) Creator ID from 9911 to 10086? Thank you and sorry :kissing_heart:

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