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  • I heavily messed up my first entry for Areion's Mercy of Valhalla. Idk what happened to my brain, but i accidentally entered a lot of incorrect information from the wrong horse.

    Please remove the first entry for 35886 Areion's Mercy of Valhalla. It's completely incorrect

  • I have a (most likely stupid) question, what is the "creator ID and how do I find it?

  • Administrators

    @Zoe-Brooks It's the ID of the member who created the horse. You can find it by searching on the main site for that member :slight_smile:

  • Hello, I'm new to the site and have recently started registering my horses. When the Automated registry system is asking for the horse's owner, do I put my Main Site/Forum name or do I put my creator ID in that slot? Just want to make sure all my registry submissions are done right the first time around ^_^

  • @Elizabeth-Fontaine You have to put your name, it will ask you for you creator ID later in the form :slight_smile:

  • I made a (small) stupidity, basically almost all the horses I was able to save under the ID of the horse on the hand site and not mine. Can we change that or that does not change much?

  • weird question i think..but, i entered one of my horses (ID36842) in a show recently but it said 'undeclared' in the results form, what does that mean ? i've never seen it happen before with one of my other horses

  • I have a problem with my horse ELS Starlit Epsilon, I can not register it because one of these parents, grandparents would not register when after verification, they are all :/

  • I messed up big time and entered my own creator ID instead of the real creator of the horse :face_palm: Can you please change Oh So Boho's (#37098) Creator ID from 9911 to 10086? Thank you and sorry :kissing_heart:

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