Tutorial: Recreating markings

  • Tutorial: Recreating markings

    This is a tutorial for recreating missing markings from a horse. I came across this method while I was reorganizing my CC and lost a lot of old markings. It is very easy to do; it just takes a bit of time.

    What you need:

    How to save the horse:

    Save your horse as a .Sims3Pack either in the saved sim bin or in the CAS by clicking on the *-icon

    alt text

    You will find the file in the “Exports” folder.

    alt text

    How to get the marking:

    Convert the .Sims3Pack into a .package file

    alt text

    Open the new .package file in S3PE

    alt text

    Click “no” on the Popup

    alt text

    Filter by “Tag” (just click on it, until the _IMG files are at the top).

    alt text

    Now comes the tedious part. You need to click (or use your keyboard arrows) on every file with the tag “_IMG”. The preview on the right will show you what it is.

    alt text

    If you find the missing marking, right click “Save DDS” and/ or “Save Image”. Sometimes I have problems with opening DDS files with Photoshop so I always save both versions, but maybe you don’t have to. Now you have found your marking.

    alt text

    At this point I open it in Photoshop and make the edges clearer or make changes, but you don’t have to. If you use Photoshop remember to save it as a .DDS file. All you need to do now is package it like you would any other marking.

    How to package your new marking:

    If you like video tutorials, you can watch Samantha’s video. At 12:16 she shows you how to package a marking.

    Open Elsie’s empty marking template with S3OC.

    alt text

    Which version you need depends on how many channels/colours your marking has. Most common for leg or full body markings is one channel and face markings have either one (only white) or two channels (white with pink nose).

    alt text

    Click on "Clone or Fix"

    alt text

    Choose the correct region on the right and tick all these boxes.

    alt text

    Open the cloned file in S3PE.

    alt text

    Find the _IMG file and right click “Replace”.

    alt text

    Choose the saved marking and VOILA you are finished. I always create an icon for my marking because otherwise you have different markings with the same icon.

    How to make an icon:

    Open your Picture Editing Software. Create a new image (I use these dimension: 250x250) and write anything you like. I use the horses name and what kind of marking it is. Save it as a .png file.

    alt text

    To put your icon with your marking, go back to S3PE and look for the THUM files. One of them has a beige image. Now the same as with the marking right click “Replace” and find your icon.

    alt text

    Now you are really finished and can save the package file (File – Save). It is a new marking so your horse won’t have the marking in game right away like it would if you found the original marking. You have to add it in CAS.


    • If you want your marking to be exactly the right colour and opacity, you can use screenshots or write down the colour numbers from CAS.
    • Really, create an icon. It takes a minute and you will thank me later, when you don’t have to search so long for the right marking.
    • Use bright colours for your icon so it is easier to find.
    • You can combine markings if you copy and erase in Photoshop.
    • Keep pictures of your horse with the marking on hand so you know what you are looking for.
    • This method works best for white regional markings, because you know what colour to use and don’t have to place the marking. You can use it for shaders, dapples, detail markings etc. but it might not turn out like it should, because of colour differences or the order of the markings in CAS. The same with freeform/ movable markings. You can do it, but you will create a new marking so you have to find the right spot and size for it to be identical.

    I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please reply to this thread so others may see it too.

  • I am about to do this for each of my current horses so I can remove the many, many public markings I have in my game. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  • Administrators

    Fantastic tutorial! I never thought of doing this!

  • Thank you so much! I was just wondering how I could recreate one horse's markings who had hers missing and I had to memory what she even looked like :D

  • @Emily-Kane This will only work if you have the horse saved as a Sims3Pack with the marking. Maybe ask the creator of the horse if they would help you.

  • When I try to convert the saved .Sims3Pack to a .package I get a bunch of packages instead of just one. Is that normal? If now what am I doing wrong? These are the packages I get.

  • @Miranda-Gage Weird, that never happend to me. Maybe the CC you used on the horse showed up as a different files instead of one :thinking:

    I would try merging the packages and then doing the other sets or you could open every package (I would start with the largest one) and then looking through. It shouldn't matter because one of the files has to contain the marking.

    If you can't find it, then you did something wrong, but I don't know what :D I would suggest saving the horse without any CC apart from the markings and trying again.

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