Haras de Kerglenn | Welcome [28/10/17]

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    Haras de Kerglenn is a professionel breeding of Dutch Warmblood and New Forest pony since 2014. Centred classic riding, we are very present in competitions of show jumping, eventing and Dressage. Established in 2000 by Joseph O' nells, we are based in France, at the small hour of the capital, Paris.
    We take regularly breed foals, promised to the sale or for our own pleasure. Projections are also available in breasts of the stud farm in the spring and autumn periods.

    Good visit.


    • Sirius de Kerglenn
    • LGS Gallamist
    • RDEC Granada
    • RDEC Zamba
    • BMF Codex-One
    • Classy One de Kerglenn (for sale)
    • DW Celebrity
    • Gotham City de Kerglenn (for sale)
    • Lady Carlotta de Kerglenn
    • Wellington de Kerglenn
    • KPE Guerilla de Kerglenn

  • Today, it's time to works for Ludivine and our beautiful stallion LGS Gallamist.
    He is a stunning jumper, his amazing pedigree make him perfect for this discipline. Now aged to 6 years old, Galla progresses in the daytime in days and he works miracles competition there. Ludivine carries a lot of hope for her future in time that main stallion of the centre.

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    In the meantime, the centre is in good shape. Our other horses shine in the competitions.
    Our beautiful ** RDEC Granada ** in récement to foal, born an amazing chestnut filly by KPE Sicario ( @Neeve-Kalford ).
    She's called KPE Guerilla de Kerglenn. She will follow her parents and will make of the Eventing.

  • LGS Gallamist is beautiful! Cant wait to see KPE Guerilla de Kerglenn here!

  • @Neeve-Kalford - Thank yo Neeve! In a little time :)

  • Love that grey coat! ♥

  • Thank you @Alba-Moran !

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    Yesterday, our Belgian Warmblood stallion participated to the "Triple Concours d'Excellence" on the TS3 Horse Gaming Forum.


    "I wear my white pant, make my boots and my polo. My black jacket reminder me my first competition when I was 5 years old, there is a long time ago..
    My grey stallion, RLK Ägidius is ready now to go on the big arena, he is to excited. I know we are not bests but, I want the first place. I want be the winner and my horse want to. We have worked a lot these last 3 months : it's not for the second, the third or an other place, it's to be better than others."

    I go out to my feels and I ride on my horse. I smells his muscles loan to make efforts and I saw in these eyes this desire to succeed that nobody else has. His white coat shinning below spotlights in the paddock. We are ready to pass, gooooooo.

  • Bump please.. :)

  • Hes a stunning boy :heart_eyes:

  • Thank you so much @Neeve-Kalford ! <3

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    Today, we show you our lovely chestnut mare : KPE Guerilla de Kerglenn (by KPE Sicario = @Neeve-Kalford ).
    She has an amazing coat and pefect conformation.
    We expect lot about here for the futur. We think she been an amazing eventing mare!

  • Ah she looks amazing!! Cant wait to see how she does with you! love how youve edited her, the details in her face and that eye is out of this world <3

  • Hi guys,

    Today, we show you our baby Crêve Coeur de Kerglenn, he was sold recently to @Irene-Crownguard <3

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