How does this work?

  • I'm new to rp'ing on forums like this, the most similar thing I've done is howrse, so I do have quite a few questions as to how this all works.
    1)How does showing your horse work? By that I mean, how are show placings determined in player run shows (most of the time, I know it's gonna vary from person to person)? Do they just randomly select a winner?
    2)How do I view the breed list? I've been trying to do that so I can see the KWPN breed standards that the forum has and start breeding. Whenever I click on the forum that goes into detail on the breed list, it just gives what the breed list does and some FAQ's.
    3)What spreadsheet format do you guys use to keep track of everything? I tried to use Elsie's format, but unfortunately wasn't able to pair the main document up with the back-end doc (I probably spent somewhere between 30 mins and an hour trying to do it). Real shame, the format looked wonderful.
    I promise, I'm not usually this dumb XD

  • Hello! This forum is based around the Sims 3 Pets Expansion, to show your horse you first need to register with the main site and you get 10 free horse creation tokens, of course you can have way more but only the lucky few get to be registered. (You can purchase more in the future if you want to have a herd!) I'm not quite sure on show placements I'm sure it's based off of the skill and level system on the site. I haven't had the chance to show any of mine yet. The breed list should be a click away! You should be able to click the large bold text and scroll through the breed list that way! If you need any extra help with this feel free to message me! Most of the players with use Elsie's format, if your having issues pairing the two documents I could always help! :D I can't wait to see you around the community! Welcome! :D

  • Thank you so much!!! I was finally able to get on the master list.... Can't believe I missed that XD

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