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    For the first time in four years (since 2013), Silver Lining Stables, with Cinnabar Court and our Japanese Stables Kibou no Hikari, Present the long overdue Gypsy Vanner Foal Sale.
    For the first season, we are starting with an auction of our poster child. There will be six horses in total with two being posted for sale soon and another to go up for Auction after. Each with fantastic conformation and pedigree. We carefully selected each mare and stallion with the intention of producing some of the most astounding Vanners to date on Equus. Some with legendary bloodlines out of SiLS Noctem Nivis Agri and SiLS More Then Rose Thorns, Silver Lining Stables Founding Vanners.
    All Patterned horses come with Completely custom markings created by @Cole-Tieman, Whom we graciously thank for partnering with us to create such high-quality Vanners. One marking is created by me, and is my very first marking!
    All the Vanners come with Main sites and Registered! Their Disciplines were decided, however, are not limited to these disciplines but is highly suggested to get the pedigree bonus's from their parents and for some grandparents.


    • Markings cannot be reused
    • Confirmation may only be tweaked in cases of pose distortion and registration purposes, to create new foals, and for size. (my Vanners are made slightly larger due to my sims suppose to be very short)
    • Coat, mane, feather, and tail color can not be changed, style of mane and tails and feathering may be changed
    • If you no longer want the horse, I do not always want them back; you are free to resale under the condition I am informed of the sale
    • I request registry to occur within two weeks (submission, not be registered completely as it takes time to be processed)
    • Horse must stay active till at least first title
    • if you are inactive for five months I may reclaim
    • if you are becoming inactive for real life please inform me, so I don't reclaim when you intend to return (I want you to keep them)
    • you may geld, however, if you geld, I retain one straw only for each so as to continue bloodlines, which I will also pay you for.
    • If you read my rules, link me a funny picture in your application

    CAP Image
    SiLS Golden King
    WSLW Blue King - DRS Golden Cascade
    Smoky Black Tobiano
    dressage (+3) Eventing (+2)
    CAP Image
    SiLS Weary of the Calm
    WBS The Calm Before The Storm - WSLW Leah
    Dressage (+3)

    You will find an application below. In two weeks I will look at the applications. (I will take the time to do school work while I wait. ) For these, applications I will let you decide how much you think these two are worth in money. The amount is not the deciding factor, but it is considered. For the most part, I want to know what you will do with my boys and what their futures will be like with you. Good Luck! You are welcome to apply for more than one, but please submit separate applications

    • SiLS Golden King | 1 apps
    • SiLS Weary of the Calm | 1 apps

  • PR Committee

    a quick note on the application. a blog link is not required because the site is to new for me to demand you link one, that's why it isn't required on the application. link one if you have one, if not don't worry <3

  • PR Committee

    Another Note: You are not required to keep them as fluffy as I do <3 once they are with you, you can shave them babies all you want <3

  • So tempting they are gorgeous!!

  • These Vanners are gorgeous!
    I don't have much money at all that I could spend on one of your beautiful horses, so I was wondering if you would accept other forms of payment? I could offer imports with custom markings and horse coats, and a small amount of money.
    Obviously this is a big ask, considering the pedigree of the horses, but I would love to know if you would accept an offer like this, so I can then send an app :slight_smile:

  • PR Committee

    @Audrey-Henderson. I would be willing to take custom markings as forms of payment as photoshop for me crashes repeatedly when trying to make markings. (I was only able to make one this sale).

    I will also take Vanner spesifc poses (because I want them) and Custom Content for my Japanese stables. (This is a little harder to meet as cc takes a lot more time then other stuff) but things like custom signs with Japanese and English names or directions on them for around the barn is something I have been wanting for a while.

    However for these two boys. I would need payment because the markings were made by Cole and I offered 20% of the sale. There will be two vanners I will be posting like these that you can make those sort of offers for =3.

  • @Yu-Mi-Shimizu
    Thank you :3 I'll keep an eye out for those other Vanners :heart:

  • PR Committee

    Only one app has been submitted. This is still open and waiting for applications.

  • I'm really tempted, but I just don't have room for another stallion right now. >.< They are absolutely stunning though, great job on them!

  • PR Committee

    @Sophie-Lawrence I allow gelding on the condition I'm allowed one straw later on (that I will willingly pay for)

  • @Yu-Mi-Shimizu True, but the Vanner population on Equus is low, I wouldn't want to remove a stallion with good genetics from that population. I'm definitely tempted to make an offer though, even if I have to make some room, lol!

  • PR Committee

    3 days left, only two applications placed.

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