[Hydrangea Lane Boutique] 13 Days of Halloween || D3 & D4

  • @Callixta-Rosella said in [Hydrangea Lane Boutique] 13 Days of Halloween || D2:

    I meant to reply yesterday but...well anyway, I didn't :see_no_evil: I love the idea of this 13 days of Halloween that the whole community can benefit from - so firstly, thank you for doing this, and for sharing so many goodies with us :two_hearts: And secondly, I adore the beanie hat! I have some small ponies that live under cobwebs and dust in my game, thoroughly unloved and ignored but now their gonna get kiddie riders just so I can use that helmet :heart_eyes: And the jump wing looks amazing, I love that we have a pumpkin themed fence now :two_hearts:

    Awww thank you! I wanted to do something since I was pretty slack at Christmas last year! xD

    @Percilla-Wegener said in [Hydrangea Lane Boutique] 13 Days of Halloween || D2:

    These are super adorable! I downloaded the jump, if i had kids i would download the helmet to

    Thanks! :D

    Just a Quick note that I'll be posting Day 3, 4 and 5 later today (since its 12am), hopefully! I wasn't feeling the best on the third and yesterday my brain just couldnt work.

  • I can not wait to see more :D

  • alt text
    alt text
    Here is a new Cross Country Jump for you all!
    alt text
    alt text
    These are just an EA pole that has been snagged from a EA jump. These are a bit thinner that the RDEC ones. I added a dirty/worn texture to two variations as well!

  • These are really great! Thank you :)

  • Thanks a lot for these! :D those worn poles are totally exact what I've wanted since they're perfect for everyday riding in paddocks etc ^^

  • Everything is fantastic! I can’t wait to download all of this stuff once I get home in a few days ♥️

  • Your CC is great ! Thank you very much :D

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!
    Here's day 5!

    alt text
    alt text
    Just a ground version of the poles from earlier!

  • I love the details of the poles! :heart_eyes:

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