[Hydrangea Lane Boutique] 13 Days of Halloween || D6 & D7

  • Everything is fantastic! I can’t wait to download all of this stuff once I get home in a few days ♥️

  • Your CC is great ! Thank you very much :D

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!
    Here's day 5!

    alt text
    alt text
    Just a ground version of the poles from earlier!

  • I love the details of the poles! :heart_eyes:

  • I'm so sorry for the really long delay. I burnt myself out and just couldn't sit down and work on anything without getting frustrated and I also wanted to get something in for the advent before I forgot again.

    So here is day Six and Seven!

    alt text
    image url
    This has been sitting in my folders for some time now as this was something I made for the Donation drive, I had planned on releasing this sooner but thought I should wait for a while.
    This is actually quite big in game lmao, so yeah..
    alt text
    alt text
    This was inspired by a jump at my old stables that I jumped once and ended up on the ground on the other side. Fun times.

  • I love that book jump! I haven't been in game much (working on something) but these are going to have a prominent place in my new pony cross country course <3

    Thank you so much for making all these beautiful things <3

  • PR Committee

    I love these new fences! I've seen a lot of those tyre fences around and luckily for me, my horse actually took me over it with her, it's great to see it as a sim fence. And the book fence is really cool, I'm going to find a space for that in my little show world because I need to use that at some point. Thank you for making these lovely goodies for us :two_hearts:

  • Beautiful creations, thanks for sharing!

  • Oh man, i just went on a downloading spree!!! the jumps in particular are amazing!

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