Courtour Estate || November 28 ||

  • Pretty mare! I love the little story you put along with the photo, she's going to love her new home I'm sure! Her little blaze is so cute I love her :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    I'm so terrible at remembering to leave replies when I actually click on a blog and get lost in such pretty horses, but I adore Messick; his lovely deep rich coat and fancy tobiano pattern too. I loved your hunter entry; and he looks so at ease hopping over that big fence :kissing: Congrats on getting second place, it was very well deserved for such a lovely entry <3
    Retrograde looks adorable; I always pink snips :heart_eyes: I think it worked out for the best Alexander gave in and bought her; I look forward to their adventures together :two_hearts:

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    alt text
    brought to you by @Puck-Cantrell

    alt text

    Darlin', darlin', darlin'
    I fall to pieces when I'm with you, I fall to pieces
    My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme
    And all of my peaches
    My rose garden dreams, set on fire by fiends
    And all my black beaches
    My celluloid scenes are torn at the seams
    And I fall to pieces
    I fall to pieces when I'm with you

    alt text


    I apologize for my late replies, I have been extremely busy :see_no_evil:
    @Sorren-Greyer ahh thank you so much! She'll definitely get a lot more love from me!
    @Callixta-Rosella me too! That means so much to hear you say. Messick's coat is the first one I redid from scratch (minus the marking, of course). Being such a big lad helps him a lot with the bigger fences, he is a powerhouse of a boy :sparkling_heart:
    I'm also looking forward to doing more with Retrograde. I can't wait to get into more of their story.

  • beautiful stallion :)

  • Oh a Lana del Rey song <3
    that horse is so gorgeous!! :D

  • why hello there :fire:

  • What an amazing breed. Also, is that thing on his back called lacing? It's so stylish

  • LANA!!!!
    lovely pony by the way :heart:

  • Competition Committee


    @Ian-Salvatore thank you, he certainly is!
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld I couldn't resist :kissing_heart:
    Puck, did a great job with him!
    @Eowyn-Vance :wave_tone1:
    @Aurora-Bianchi yes, I believe it is called lacing. I have been super into weirdo markings recently (one of the main reasons I snagged this adorable boy) so I couldn't resist :sparkling_heart:
    @Zinnia-Arvi lana. :sparkles:
    thank you, love :two_hearts:

  • Firebringer is such a stunner !!! :heart_exclamation:

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