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  • What a perfectly white horse, she's like a not-so-little angel :angel_tone1:

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    Tuesday Morning Hack

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    Everyone, meet our three-year-old KWPN colt WGE Mackinley; a traditional breeding from @Isabella-Khrazenzia by her stallion PCRA Moonshadow out of @Maize-Winters's mare xCal's Copacabana, whom we have been leasing for a while now. Macky has recently been broken in and we have been working him very lightly, mostly quiet hacks or a quick trot in the arena. Once he gets a bit older he will be competing in Eventing and Dressage.


    @Ashley-Lamothe thank you so much :heartbeat:
    @Marquis-Moulin I don't even want to talk about the bath we had to give her before this show :face_palm_tone1:
    @Eowyn-Vance biggest angel I've ever seen ;)
    Believe it or not, she's actually fleabitten, they're just super small.

  • They both look so cozy :heart_eyes:

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    Pride in July
    :gay_pride_flag: :sparkles: :rainbow:

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    @Ashley-Lamothe cozy as can be <3

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    My entry for Dimitri's Shore's End Working Hunter Trials. It's no secret that I do nearly everything with Messick so why wouldn't I enter him in this hunter show? I really tried to do some more advanced things with editing for this entry and I really think it paid off. Messi and Joe ended up second. I'm super proud of them!

    One of my Carolan Estate's Summer Grading challenge entries never saw the light of day on the blog. :sweat_smile:
    WRNGS Auburn Lion was made by @Dimitri-Dane and deserves so much attention as he is stunning :sparkles:
    Leo ended up placing 6th in the stallion movement class.

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  • Messick is stunning! i love his marking and those dapples 🙏❤
    I saw your grading entry and you did an amazing job! Lion looks awesome.

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    Nope, never commented in this blog either it seems... You have so many pretty pixels :heart: I'm gonna do my best not to steal your pintabian :rolling_eyes:

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    WPW Retrograde

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    If anyone had asked Alexander how he had ended up buying an eleven-year-old mare completely unseen only a week after his move he would have shrugged the question off whilst murmuring about his stupidity. Maybe it was the pressure of being partially responsible for taking a handful of Courtour's horses halfway across the world. Or maybe it was her gentle nature and kind eyes. All he knew is he had quickly thrown his phone across his bed and let it sit there, palms pressed to his eyes willing himself to let this one go. Within thirty seconds he had scrambled for his phone again, resolve broken, rashly texting the number listed on the advert. Blinking in disbelief when he received a reply a few minutes later confirming that yes, the mare had not been sold. He briskly typed back a reply and before he could register what he was doing; he had hit send. Cursing to himself, he began arranging for the mare to be shipped to the newly built facility, praying to whoever was out there that it would all be okay.

    A few days later she arrived in Holland. Xander had expected her to be extremely fresh after her journey, but she had led off the lory without so much as a side glance at the new surroundings.
    He would have still been angry at himself if she wasn’t even more adorable than she had looked in the ad, bigger too. The driver hands over the lead complimenting the mare on how well-behaved she has been.

    He is content to spend the rest of his evening in her paddock, mostly resting along the fence, giving the occasional scratch when she comes to check him out, returning to grazing shortly after.

    The next morning Xander opens the barn door with sleep still in his eyes, coffee not quite done its job. He sips at it as he flips on the lights, setting to work feeding and turning out those that are not being ridden. Food eaten and horses settled he goes to check on their new arrival.

    “Morning princess.” He greets, grabbing her halter and lead from the hook. She’s more than happy to slide her nose through on her own. Following Alexander to the cross-ties like she’s done this her whole life. He goes about grooming and tacking, the mare dozing off while he works, perking up only when Xander snaps a quick photo on his phone. He beings to think, maybe, this may all be all right.


    @Maria-Jones thank you so much, I definitely have a soft spot for them both :sparkling_heart:
    @Anna-Hertler listen here, you shall not touch. I may be persuaded to let you admire from far, far away... :eyes:

  • Pretty mare! I love the little story you put along with the photo, she's going to love her new home I'm sure! Her little blaze is so cute I love her :heart_eyes:

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    I'm so terrible at remembering to leave replies when I actually click on a blog and get lost in such pretty horses, but I adore Messick; his lovely deep rich coat and fancy tobiano pattern too. I loved your hunter entry; and he looks so at ease hopping over that big fence :kissing: Congrats on getting second place, it was very well deserved for such a lovely entry <3
    Retrograde looks adorable; I always pink snips :heart_eyes: I think it worked out for the best Alexander gave in and bought her; I look forward to their adventures together :two_hearts:

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