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    Camelot Breed's was founded in 2014 by myself, Keileigh Morgan. We breed Danish Warmbloods and German Riding Pony's. We are located in canada, far away from any civilization. Next to us are forests, a river and big fields with many flowers. A dream for every horse owner.
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    Content Date
    CB's Blue Valvet 06.02.2017
    CB's Dungeon & CB's Ardillia 06.02.2017
    CB's Imaji 08.02.2017
    CB's Honeycone 10.02.2017
    CB's Zentragon 11.02.2017
    Carnation's Offspring Portrait 17.02.2017
    Carnation's Offspring - first steps under the saddle 23.02.2017
    CB's Oakleaf & CB's Lightblind 02.03.2017
    Baltica von Edelweiß 09.03.2017

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    ID Name Breed Gender Coat Title
    #27790 CB's Ardillia Danish Warmblood Mare Chestnut
    #27791 CB's Neprue Danish Warmblood Mare Bay
    #27817 CB's Imaji Danish Warmblood Mare Black
    #27968 CB's Honeycone German Riding Pony Mare Bay
    Not registered Carnation's Offspring German Riding Pony Stallion Tobiano Chestnut
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    ID Name Breed Gender Coat Title
    #27765 CB's Dungeon Danish Warmblood Stallion Light Chestnut Local Champion
    #27816 CB's Zentragon Danish Warmblood Stallion Grey (Black)
    Not registered CB's Dakota German Riding Pony Mare Silver Smoky Grullo
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    ID Name Breed Gender Coat Title
    Not registered CB's Oakleaf German Riding Pony Mare Bay
    Not registered CB's Lightblind German Riding Pony Mare White
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    ID Name Breed Gender Coat Sir Dam DOB
    Not registered SB Daiquiri German Riding Pony Mare Palomino SB Daily Pleasure CB's Honeycone 03/17
    Not registered SB Dandelion German Riding Pony Stallion Buttermilk Buckskin SB Dachino FAN Dakota 03/17

  • A long long time ago.. i was very activ but then i deleted all of my files and stopped playing. But now after a long time - i startet something new. This is CB Blue Valvet. He is my first marwari horse and over 2 years ago i created him. After a short time together he moved to a friend and stayed there for about 1 and a half year. Now he's back. He won't be registered, he is my private horse but i just wanted to show him to you guys! And they all lived happily ever after!

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  • These beautiful horses are CB's Dungeon (left) and CB's Ardillia (right). They are both danish warmbloods. Ardillia is my dressage horse and Dungeon is the horse from my girlfriend Minerva. Today, however, we changed the horses. Just an easy workout with them.
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  • Woooooooah I love your manes and tails :heart_eyes: Those horses aren't that bad either :wink:

  • @Luke-Teth Oh thank you! Thats so nice:angel:

  • Lovely pics, can't wait to see more!

  • Look at this little beauty! Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?
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  • such lovely horses <3

  • PR Committee

    That Marwari :heart: There aren't very many of them around. He's such a pretty boy. I love Dungeon's coat, it looks so soft and light.

  • @Johanna-Masters Oh yes i haven't seen much.
    Thank you! His coat is my favorite of all, it's so pretty :)

  • Pony alarm! Our first German Riding Pony arrived two day's ago. She is the first mare. Only 5 years old but already such a beauty! I'm in love :heart:
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  • CB's Zentragon with my girlfriend Minerva. Warming up for the jumpinglesson. I made some nice shots today. I will show you some tomorrow!
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  • Tara and Carnation's Offspring, our new german riding pony stallion! He is only three and isn't under saddle yet, but he will! Such a stunning boy! He is the son of Carnation's Online, such a beautiful mare. Sadly the owner and breeder isn't on equus.
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  • PR Committee

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I really like that German riding pony stallion! <3

  • He is a stunning boy! :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Oh thank you! :angel: :cartwheel_tone4:

  • Your horses are pretty nice 👍🏻

  • Such a good boy! Taking his first steps under saddle. At first he was a bit scared. He's so brave!

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  • He is beautiful and looks huge with his tiny rider. I love his dark chestnut shade.
    You have so much patience to draw your own bridle o.o

  • @Levi-Rosenthal He is actually pretty small! :smile: The bridle wasn't planned. I was just so annoyed from the black bridle and brown fits him more i think. But i wouldn't do it again.. x'D

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