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    Hello all! It's been a while, but I am excited to be rejoining EC. According to my registered horses on the mane site, I was last active in 2016(!!) but I am back! A good starting place seems to be an album!

    Saving this for future navigation / information / etc!

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    Over on ES, I've been showing this draft cross gelding, Balou. Here he is in his first drag fox hunting event, in which he was a little hotter than he normally was! His owner and rider, Maeve Carolan, intends on getting him some lessons with an eventer before their next event, so he isn't so surprised and reactive to everything. Fortunately, the ex-Grand Prix show jumping rider had no issues keeping with her new boy.

  • I hope it‘s alright that I comment?
    The pic is so cute. His head looks so big :laughing:
    You even made his coat look wet(or at least I get the impression). I love all the little details.

  • Competition Committee

    Love all these little details, especially the mud on his boots!

  • Thank you both! I have noticed his head is large looking in pictures, so I've been tweaking it a bit more. :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • love to see your pictures Maggie again! :blush:

  • amazing picture <3

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    Excitement was the main emotion Maeve felt taking her beloved mount, Balou, on his second fox hunt. She had spent weeks training with an eventer to practice keeping her excitable gelding under control for his second hunt. The weather was a nice contrast to the downpour they had experienced in their first event. All the hard work had paid off, and despite how eager Balou was, he kept a level head throughout the event. Maeve loved this image captured by a photographer of her and Balou jumping one of the last fences on the hunt party's way back to the stables.

    Entered another show with a tweaked Balou over on ES, so here it is for you all to see too!

  • Competition Committee

    I have a newly acquired obsession with field hunting and I'm so happy to see it here! Lovely picture <3

  • Thank you so much! I'll have to see about getting Balou over onto EC to show over here too, if there's field hunting here too!

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    Over on ES, I entered Stanley Carolan (Maeve's husband) and his horse, Cooper in a riding clinic.

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    My lovely secret santa, Daiana, made me this lovely thoroughbred mare, Annie. I finally got this simple edit of her done, so now I can share it!

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    This is my wip for the random breed challenge, Jughead. He's a Campolina.
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    This was a really cool gift I got this year. I was given GEC Capriciosa a few years back for Secret Santa, but her file was lost during a pc crash. Dimitri remade her for me this year, so now she goes by WRNGS GEC Capriciosa, and I am excited for her to be able to make reappearances in my album again!

  • Dimitri did such a good job with Cappie but Jughead is a babe, I love me some roman nose boys.

  • Maggie! Lovely to see you around. Wow you have some stunning horses there, I love the tone of Judhead's coat, so nice and bright! Also Capricosa is just stunning! Looking forward to seeing more of her :heart_eyes:

  • jughead is gorgeous!

  • I love your stables name <3 great to see you're posting again too, lovely album so far!

  • oh wow thanks everyone! <3
    just wanted to throw a little note in here so no one panics: I am in my senior year at university working on my senior project. I do not have time for my pixel ponies, but I will be back <3

  • Look at all the fluffy ponies :horse: I always enjoy looking at your pictures you are so creative with setups and composition :art: :camera_with_flash: Wish you all the success with your senior project and come back soon :fingers_crossed: :pen_ballpoint:

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    It's been a hot minute, and we are a week out from my senior capstone! This image has been in the works for probably almost the whole semester at this point, but I finally got it to a point I'll consider finished. WRNGS GEC Capriciosa, ridden by Maeve Carolan. We'll ignore the fact that in my little universe, Maeve isn't a dressage rider. I can't wait to be back and share more with you all, but I hope this will tide you all over for a few more weeks. <3

  • Absolute stunning picture with a lot of quality and detail! Love it :heart_eyes:

    And best of luck with all your studies! :heart:

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