Kismet - A Collection of Perspectives

  • Such nice facilities you have :O I'm gonna steal them haha I absolutely love the background of Tigerlily's pictures and she is so adorable!!

  • @Celia-Acosta Thank you so much! I've been putting a lot of work into them!

    alt text

    A quick edit of Ember VX ( @Diana-Sæterbakken ). My last semester of college has started, and I have thrown myself into it. I hope to have more images of my ponies edited soon.

  • Those eyes :heart_eyes: I am still forever jealous that you got her but I am so glad she is always in close proximity :smiling_imp:

  • Ember!! What a gorgeous girl! I am sure you will take great care of her :D

  • @Clementine-Laake thank you bb, she's an absolute cutie patootie
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you!! i am so happy she came home with me :two_hearts:

    alt text

    something wicked this way comes
    bonehilda at, made by the lovely @Eowyn-Vance in her true spooky form.

  • alt text

    i've been working on this for months.
    it seems fitting to be my last entry. unless i change my mind.
    see ya'll on the other side.

    bellinge's graffiti and ginny holmes // @Alexander-Westerberg

  • So beautiful! I love the colours :)

  • still love this picture so much

  • I second the above two; I absolutely adore this picture and its colours, it's such a fitting way to end such a tumultuous time - those nice day end, day break sort of colours, like something new is on the cusp of beginning. I'll be stalking you on tumblr so don't do dare go anywhere :kissing_heart:

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