Hiver Acres Blog // 08/06 New Horse

  • Welcome at our Blog. I write about the Life at our stud and little Updates! :3

    Horse#ID Name Breed Colour (Genotype) Discipline Level/Points
    19643 Moonlight FN. Swedish Warmblood Bay (Ee Aa) Eventing - / -
    19646 Fortuna FN. Swedish Warmblood Dark Bay (EE AA) Eventing Training (3) / 28 Points
    19650 Morpheus FN. Swedish Warmblood Grey (EE aa Gg) Eventing Training (3) / 28 Points
    24387 HVA Darius Royal Hanoverian Bay (Ee Aa) Eventing Preliminary (4) / 33 Points
    24388 HVA Silas Hanoverian Chestnut (ee aa) Eventing
    24389 Black Soul VH. Oldenburg Black (EE aa) Dressage First Level (3) / 36 Points
    24390 Walencia Corveta Thoroughbred Chestnut (ee aa) Eventing Preliminary (4) / 30 Points
    24769 RE Faolan de Neige Selle Francais Chestnut (ee aa) Show Jumping
    24857 HRP Chased Wind Thoroughbred Dark Bay (EE AA) Show Jumping
    24904 Grey Gangster FN. Zweibrucker Warmblood Grey (EE aa Gg) Eventing Training (3) / 8 Points
    26305 Quaterbacks Brownie German Sport Horse Dark Bay (EE aA) Dressage Introductory (1) / 0 Points

    The snow is like a white blanket over the country and yet the horses must be moved. In a bright blue sky, Akira and I went on the road with Lerino's Sunnys Little Cody (on the left) and CHC Alfonso (on the right). Cody is still a young Quarter Horse stallion, but he has behaved very well ... am proud of him: 3

    0_1486336360260_Cody und Alfi.jpg

  • A little Update about our Life! A few days ago I bought a Haflinger mare from a good friend. Her name is HLF Elisabeth and she's 4 years old. In the future I ride dressage with her and from time to time a little bit Show Jumping :)

    0_1486336852530_Beth Ankunft.jpg

  • In the search for a jumping horse, we found a 9-year-old stallion on the Internet and agreed to meet with the owner. Even at the first sight of the great stallion, we knew he was a perfect partner for jumping. After riding and jumping the stallion, I knew he would be our new jumper. So we now have a new stallion. HVA Shenandoah Lordie, a 9 year old Irish Sporthorse stallion.

    0_1486631948599_Lordie Training.jpg

  • Love the snowy scene on the first two images <3

  • Our lovely Connemara Stallion Inverin's Sheridan, breed of Fiora Healy.
    Sire: Inverin's King Lear
    Dam: Inverin's Oonagh

    0_1488822839173_Sheridan Leistungsprüfung.jpg

  • Ohhh lovely shots!!! :D

  • Oh I really like the picture of Lordie, it looks like a tall one, is that correct? :D

  • @Jester-Coleman said in Hiver Acres Blog // 07/03 Haflinger:

    Ohhh lovely shots!!! :D

    Oh..thanks * - * <3 I love your Pictures, your edit :3

    @Merida-Dahmer said in Hiver Acres Blog // 07/03 Haflinger:

    Oh I really like the picture of Lordie, it looks like a tall one, is that correct? :D

    Yes, he is a big Horse :DD

  • I knew Lordie had something Irish in him before I even read it! That is a gorgeous horse!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in Hiver Acres Blog // 07/03 Haflinger:

    I knew Lordie had something Irish in him before I even read it! That is a gorgeous horse!

    Thanks <3

  • Our lovely three-Year old Mares, LSS Warrior Princess (LSS War Emblem x LSS Cartoon) and Worlds Finest HA at the Pasture.

    0_1489876714136_Princess u. Fine.jpg

  • Warrior Princess looks so wonderful at your stables :heart:

  • HVA JJ and LSS Noble XLIII....Two power strings among themselves :D

    alt text

  • Not happy to socialize haha

  • Aw I love the picture of the two mares they are beautiful. :heart:

  • Our two Yong Boys Myosotis' Razzy HVA and Salvatore's Milano at the pasture. <3

    0_1492433397855_Razzy und Milano.jpg

  • Aw that's such a sweet picture, I love how warm the colours are. :heart:

  • I just love your pictures! You have a great view for the perfect moment <3

  • Our Kinsky Stallion WDKH Scittles on a Competition at Instagram. :3

    0_1492532425785_Scittles Abo Turnier Dressur.jpg

  • Our two new team members. Avi Okonjo, 25 y.o. and his mare Braford's Winged Bailey, a 3 y.o American Saddlebred Mare. <3

    0_1494932042960_Ankunft Bailey.jpg

  • Two of our stallions took part in a license after completing the performance test in their respective disciplines with 6.9 and 7.0 respectively.

    Lerino's Sunnys Little Cody / American Quarter Horse / Stallion / 5 y.o. / Western

    0_1494932438512_Cody Körung.jpg

    Inverin's Sheridan / Connemara Pony / Stallion / 7 y.o. / Pony Show Jumping

    0_1494932533253_Sheridan Körung.jpg

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