Hiver Acres Blog // 08/06 New Horse

  • Our lovely three-Year old Mares, LSS Warrior Princess (LSS War Emblem x LSS Cartoon) and Worlds Finest HA at the Pasture.

    0_1489876714136_Princess u. Fine.jpg

  • Warrior Princess looks so wonderful at your stables :heart:

  • HVA JJ and LSS Noble XLIII....Two power strings among themselves :D

    alt text

  • Not happy to socialize haha

  • Aw I love the picture of the two mares they are beautiful. :heart:

  • Our two Yong Boys Myosotis' Razzy HVA and Salvatore's Milano at the pasture. <3

    0_1492433397855_Razzy und Milano.jpg

  • Aw that's such a sweet picture, I love how warm the colours are. :heart:

  • I just love your pictures! You have a great view for the perfect moment <3

  • Our Kinsky Stallion WDKH Scittles on a Competition at Instagram. :3

    0_1492532425785_Scittles Abo Turnier Dressur.jpg

  • Our two new team members. Avi Okonjo, 25 y.o. and his mare Braford's Winged Bailey, a 3 y.o American Saddlebred Mare. <3

    0_1494932042960_Ankunft Bailey.jpg

  • Two of our stallions took part in a license after completing the performance test in their respective disciplines with 6.9 and 7.0 respectively.

    Lerino's Sunnys Little Cody / American Quarter Horse / Stallion / 5 y.o. / Western

    0_1494932438512_Cody Körung.jpg

    Inverin's Sheridan / Connemara Pony / Stallion / 7 y.o. / Pony Show Jumping

    0_1494932533253_Sheridan Körung.jpg

  • Our two new Eventing Stallions. <3

    HVA Ted Man "Teddy" / Westphalian / Chestnut (ee aa) / 13 yo

    0_1495015428416_Teddy Training.jpg

    HVA Alani 2 "Lani" / Trakehner / Bay (Ee Aa) / 10 yo

    0_1495015588253_Alani Training.jpg

  • Our Spring Foals. <3

    HVA Captain Jack Sparrow (Thoroughbred / HRP Chased Wind x Walencia Corveta)
    D'Abanville HVA (German Sporthorse / HVA Darius Royal x PV Qualamera)
    Sheela HVA (Connemara Pony / Inverin's Sheridan x HVA Bohemian Rhapsody
    Sheena's Golden Nugget HVA (American Quarter Horse / Lerino's Sunnys Little Cody x CR Shooting Girl)
    HVA Nostradamus (P.R.E / LSS Noble XLIII x Sinfonía Corazón)
    HVA Maizauber (Swedish Warmblood / Morpheus FN x Fortuna FN)

    0_1495188021141_Fohlen Mai 17.jpg

  • steals all the kiddies

  • Those foals are so gorgeous :3

  • Your horsies are soo pretty ! And that foal crop :astonished: :heart:

  • Our new mare. <3 CHC Olympia, a 11yo Chestnut Flaxen Trakehner Mare. :3
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