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    Welcome to Havelland Stud. For now, this is still a WIP, but please enjoy some pictures of the facilities
    ~ Annalena
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  • A Cream Dream

    One of the last things that I decided to do before so suddenly leaving ES was a breeding between two of my dearest Trakehners, Omicron NC (@Selene-Boutsikaris ), who was a breeding request I won at a raffle in 2014, and VE Sweet Lolita, which I got as a christmas present in the same year. Both mean a lot to me, not only do they have two beautiful characters, they are also both really outstanding colours. Omicron NC is a palomino stallion, out of Baracus NC and Frei NC, due to whom he has inherited his stunning coat. The perlino mare VE Sweet Lolita is no less of an eyecatcher and has gotten her colour because of her thoroughbred ancestors. Hence, this 3rd generation Trakehner stallion has the best premisses to shine like his parents do. And literally, he does. A little personal dream came true when he was born with a vivid white coat. I love the cremello colour and I am so proud to announce that Havelland, as representative of Heron Stable's Trakehner breeding, pridefully presents HRST Sigma. In this picture he is a mere few days old, but meanwhile he grew up to be a wonderful four year old already, recently starting his career.

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  • aw, cutie! love the pink nose and that gaze at the camera <3

  • Banned

    oh my, this baby looks so adorable! awwwww... <3

  • Aaawwwwww so cute wow. :hearts:

  • awww she is too adorable :)

  • Is so cute!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • :heart_eyes:

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Havelland | [WIP] A Cream Dream ♥:

    aw, cutie! love the pink nose and that gaze at the camera <3

    Thank you, yea he's a lil cutie :blush:

    @Hilda-Wilson said in Havelland | [WIP] A Cream Dream ♥:

    oh my, this baby looks so adorable! awwwww... <3

    Thank you! :heart:

    @Shyan-Lamus said in Havelland | [WIP] A Cream Dream ♥:

    Aaawwwwww so cute wow. :hearts:

    Thanks, he really is :innocent:

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Havelland | [WIP] A Cream Dream ♥:

    awww she is too adorable :)

    Thank you so much! :smile:

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    Is so cute!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

    Thanks a lot :relieved:

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    :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • Building The Team

    Back in 2016 also two imports were planned to help growing the team of Havelland. Now, today is the day that I can finally introduce both additions, and, they will not remain the only new horses here with us. At least two further horses are planned to become residents at Havelland and help to grow our competition team even more. But for now let me introduce the two stallions. Both are four years old now and still very green, but they show a lot will to cooperate in hand and under saddle and are eager to learn. Characteristics which we find incredibly important.

    First one is Havel's Ibiskus, a Holsteiner imported to promote our Show Jumping Team.

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    Second is Havel's Panasch, an Oldenburg, who will compete in Dressage.

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  • Sisters

    After sorting out a lot of things to come back on track with Equus, some of the Trakehners which were sold before I left returned to Havelland. Of course I will not be able to keep them all, but for now I am working on updating, registering and competing them for a while before deciding for new owners. Among them, however, are two mares I really think about keeping. Both are daughters of HRST Smokin' Cigarette, who also returned to us. Unfortunetely, I have so many babies of him, yet, they all are stunning and I can't really let them go. Especially HRST Faithe, who is the full sister of my first ever foal of Smoky here on Equus, HRST First Dance ( @Ronan-Dhall ). She was and is such a successfull mare both in Eventing and Dressage and had a lot of successfull offspring herself. This is why we hope that Faithe will have a similar future ahead of her. The second mare, HRST Instinctiva, maybe has not that many of direct famous relatives, nevertheless, she is also a daughther of Smoky and also a sister of Faithe and First Dance. Because of that reason, we also see a lot of potential in her.

    On this picture you can see both mares on a stroll out with their rider, Daniel Fink, and his Duck Toller, Xamy. Both are just at the beginning of their career, but their first start here with us at Havelland was very promising, as both placed in their first show. Daniel has a lot of work ahead with them, but we are sure that he will bring out the best of them, so that they also will be successfull Smoky babies. :heart:

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  • Wow I'm so happy to see a full sister to First Dance <3 And look how stunning Faithe is! hope she's like her big sister and will win a lot of competitions c: I decided because of the still young age of First Dance that she'll now compete in Show Jumping :D ugh.. so glad to see her breeder around :3 I'm excited to follow the career of both sister's of First Dance and can't wait to the next update.

  • @Ronan-Dhall said in Havelland | [WIP] Sisters:

    Wow I'm so happy to see a full sister to First Dance <3 And look how stunning Faithe is! hope she's like her big sister and will win a lot of competitions c: I decided because of the still young age of First Dance that she'll now compete in Show Jumping :D ugh.. so glad to see her breeder around :3 I'm excited to follow the career of both sister's of First Dance and can't wait to the next update.

    Thank you so much for your kind words :heart:
    It's awesome to hear that my little Danny found a great new home, where her talent is promoted :relieved:

  • PR Committee

    It's so great to see you around again!
    And the two mares look like they had fun relaxing and splashing around with that adorable pooch :D

  • @Callixta-Rosella said in Havelland | [WIP] Sisters:

    It's so great to see you around again!
    And the two mares look like they had fun relaxing and splashing around with that adorable pooch :D

    It's also such a great feeling to be back :blush: And I'm so happy to see that you still have so many Trakes with you :heart:

  • Black is the new Black

    After introducing some of his offspring (I have more in petto, so be prepared :P), I could not restist showing him off in his full glory back here with us at Havelland. So, without any idle talk, let him speak for himself. Havelland proudly presents HRST Smokin' Cigarette.

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  • DSA Parador

    As I recently saw so many pretty Arab pons around here on Equus, I needed to give my own Arabian some attention. This is DSA Parador, who is with us already since 2014, but kinda always stands in the shadow of our WB's. However, here you can see him having some fun out in the pasture. Also, maybe we can all pretend that he is coming fresh from being washed and blow-dried from the wind, which explains why his hair is so messy ^^'

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  • Gorgeous, gorgeous boy! So happy to see him <3 Smokin' Cigarette looks AWESOME too!

  • @Amelia-Martin-Teagarden said in Havelland | [WIP] DSA Parador:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous boy! So happy to see him <3 Smokin' Cigarette looks AWESOME too!

    Thank you so much :heart:

  • Tundra Mountain Challenge

    The entries of our two horses at Tundra Mountain Classical Liberty Challegnge. First one is DSA Parador ( @Christine-Taylor ) again. Even though he is already gelded for a long time, when he has the possibility to show off, he behaves like a young Arabian stallion again.

    alt text
    Listen to his music here ♥

    Next is HRST Rabenschwung. He is the son of the one and only HRST Smokin' Cigarette and just as energetic and flexible in his movements as his sire.

    alt text
    Listen to his music here ♥

  • Many New Faces

    So as I am getting back with Equus and more and more motivations comes back to me I thought it was time to show you all the new faces that came along since the two months I am back here. Many of them are reclaims from members that got their accounts deleted and the horses went to Reclaimable Horses. It was very sad to see them getting all piled up there and it still shocks me that so many famous names are also to find there. But at least they can now get also back under saddle and compete with us at Havelland. I don't know if I will keep all of them, yet, as many of them are closely related and that could be difficult breeding wise in some time to come. Anyway I also got many new additions as I was stalking the sales and auctions and had the great oppurtunity to win two imports at TPBM, so here they come; the pon army.

    Starting with HRST Miss Magic, she former was a breeding for Alexandria Faithspinner between HRST Smokin' Cigarette and her TB mare GM Mulan back in 2015 (!). I don't know if I will keep her as she is yet anotehr Smoky baby and I seem to hoard them so I will maybe have to let her go again, even though when I recreated her I really fell in love with her again (that is not the last time you will read this today). What I kinda definitely want to do is change her name in something German maybe, still starting with M as her dam's initial, so I would be happy about suggestions ♥

    alt text

    Next one is HRST Firefly, another grey pon who returned together with his sister, HRST Instinctiva. They are not really related, I just like to tell them siblings as they both were a breeding for Darthmoore Stables also in 2015. So he is not a Smoky baby this time (whoo). He is sired by YI Kaiser II del Impío, who we sold to @Leah-Harrington in 2016. Since then his sire has gained a hecking lot of points in both his disciplines and so I decided to keep him for myself as a Dressage and Show Jumping mount to follow into his sire's hoofsteps.

    alt text

    Then we have HRST Prosecutor, also former belonged to Alexandria Faithspinner and also a Kaiser baby and out of our mare HRST Perlenkette. So he is a great Eventing and Show Jumping prospect. I have not decided if I will keep him, so maybe keep an eye on him if someone is interested in his bloodlines and having him as a good prospect.

    alt text

    Another chestnut, here we have HRST Edelmut, which was imported by Heron Stable as a Dressage prospect. She was sold along with so many other of my Trakehners, but returned to us this year. I will definitely keep her as I really missed her pretty face and as she has earned herself already some decent points, I think of breeding her maybe this season or the next, I just have to decide on a stallion ^^

    alt text

    Then we have HRST Feuerdiamant, which we bought off her previous owner @Kia-Williams when she was holding a closing sale. She is sired by HRST Diamond's Duo, who now is owned by @Zahid-Sadir. While residing with Kia she earned herself a huuge (and i mean huuuuge) amount of points in Eventing and now holds the Kinetic Artist title, doing credit for her sire. We decided to breed her to our stallion Omicron NC ( @Selene-Boutsikaris ), getting a great Eventing prospect out of the pairing, which will also be introduced in this post. She is now retired from Eventing and going, like her sire, into the Show Jumping business.

    alt text

    Next one is a mare I once imported for a member back in Equus 2.0, who I actually forgot the name of because it is so long ago. She is called HRST Catharijin de Dublin (all credit for that great name to the forgotten member) and a Dutch Warmblood. That is why I will have her prefix changed to Havel's in some time, but I will keep that awesome name on her. I just recreated her as I had no file of her anymore and I am actually quite satisfied for how she turned out as I am horrible with paints, which is the reason I don't own too many of them (two now to be correct). I don't know if I will keep her, but I kinda enjoy her so I probably will ^^ She will compete in Show Jumping and will also be used for breeding I think.

    alt text

    Then we have HRST Duilant, who also was a breeding for sorry-i-forgot-all-your-names-hecking-i-am-such-a-shame. Heee ... anyway, he is actually not a Trakehner, even if his main site says so, but a Hanoverian as his sire was a Hanoverian. Does anybody know how I can change his breed as it got declined for main site changes? Else I will also have to change his name to Havel's as I actually want HRST for the Trakehners only. He is a candidate I will keep, too, as I really liked how he turned out when recreating him. Also he is the son of our former mare HRST Abendgold, which is also with @Zahid-Sadir now and thus he is a great Eventing prospect and super interesting for the breeding at Havelland as he is actually not related to anyone (yeai!)

    alt text

    This one is Balouae du Lys, a Selle Français stallion which profile we bought off of @Maritza-Aehrenthal and then (re-)created him to be part of our team. He is competing in Show Jumping and brings new blood into our breeding program.

    alt text

    Then, also bought off of Maritza as a profile and (re-)created is Everwyn van Hefswal, a Friesian stallion and a small dream come true, as I always wanted a Baroque horse in our team and I personally admire Friesians so much because of their black coats, their overall beauty and intelligent minds. He is going into Dressage and maybe will also contribute to our breeding programm if he proves himself a successfull competitor.

    alt text

    Next is HRST Perlenmond, who came back to us after Samantha Arens profile was also deleted and she was sent to Reclaimable Horses. She has earned herself some points in Show Jumping and will now continue her carreer with us at Havelland. She is the full sister to HRST Prosecutor, thus also a baby of Kaiser and Perlenkette and has the best suitungs for her discipline.

    alt text

    Then we have Bullet Time R, a Hanoverian stallion, which we bought off of @Charlie-Smith together with two other horses. He already is a successful competitor in Eventing and Dressage and hopefully will also be as successfull here with us, also bringing new blood into our lines.

    alt text

    This is Latifah S, a Hanoverian x Arab cross, so a Hanoverian mare, also purchased from Charlie. She will join our Dressage team.

    alt text

    Third purchase from Charlie is Adagio S, also a Hanno x Arab cross and half brother to Latifah. He is the grandson of Sail On By REC ( @Breanna-Fahnestock ) and thus going into the Show Jumping world.

    alt text

    The third profile purchase from Maritza, the German Sport Horse mare Havel's California Maki. Yes, I gave her this name, and yes, I am extremely proud of it ^^ For real I really think her name is so hilarious and cute at the same time, like she is literally named after a Sushi roll. She will compete in Dressage and else just look adorable.

    alt text

    Next one is the grown up Cream Dream, HRST Sigma. Once bred by Heron Stable, he is a 3rd generation Cremello Trakehner stallion, and I am personally proud that he is actually the result of pure coincidence. Both his sire, Omicron NC, and his dam, VE Sweet Lolita, came to us solely through luck. He is going into Eventing and will surely stand stud to the community at some time in his life to pass on his striking colour, so you better look out for him ♥

    alt text

    Now, the promised not-so-small-baby-anymore baby, HRST Feuerkrone, daughter of HRST Feuerdiamant and Omicron NC. She is bred to compete in Eventing, hopefully being as successfull as her dam, but maybe with the outlook to go into Show Jumping at some point in her carreer, too.

    alt text

    Then, we have another recently bred not-so-small baby anymore, Havel's Cosmopolitan. She is a Hanoverian mare, bred by Havelland through BIY with ILA Calistus ( @Michelle-Frohman ) and our mare HRST Feuerzauber, making her a half sister on the dam's side to the famous HRST First Dance ( @Ronan-Dhall ). With that great of a pedigree, even leading back to the one and only LEC Call Me Casanova, we are sure that she will also excel on competition grounds.

    alt text

    Next we have DSA Zaphir, a SEA mare purchased from @Christine-Taylor, of whom we also bought our Arabian DSA Parador back in 2014. She is thus the second Arab at Havelland and will expand our plan to breed some Arabians, next to our Warmbloods, to contribute to our overall sport horse breeding program. We want to focus on Arabian lines suitable for our three main disciplines, Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. This is why Zaphir will go into Eventing and Dressage, and a foal between her and DSA Parador is already in planning.

    alt text

    Then we have NZJ Legalizer, bought off @Nathalie-Jensen, a buckskin Oldenburg mare, who will join our Dressage team. She is enhancing our bloodlines relative and colour wise and we are looking forward of what beautiful offspring she may will produce.

    alt text

    Third last (the torture is over soon, guys!) is No Gravity AW, a Thoroughbred stallion we won at TPBM from @Constantine-Vale. We are very happy to have a TB back at the stable, as he is a great addition for our ongoing Trakehner breeding program.

    alt text

    Second last is Khani G, an Arabian stallion also won at TPBM from @Bella-Wolf. I am super happy that the Arabian numbers are increasing at our stable, and, you can just tell, he is such a gorgeous boy. He will go into Eventing and maybe Dressage as a second discipline, thus will contributing to our Trakehner, German Sport Horse, and also Arabian lines in the future.

    alt text

    Last, but certainly not least, is QM F ... yeah you read it right ... just F ... at the moment. This pretty mare is a breeding between our HRST Perlenmond and @Alexis-Jordan's PCRA Frimousse, who himself is the son of HRST Feuerdiamant. Due to her pedigree the mare will go into Show Jumping. She is still looking for a suitable name. I thought about QM Famousse maybe, because of her sire's name. But I am open to other suggestions, so would really appreciate your thoughts ♥

    alt text

    So that is all (haha "all") for today guys. Thanks for stopping by! :heart:

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