Illusion Acres - January/2020

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    Hello! My name is Emily Kane, grand daughter of Evangeline Kane, the founder of Illusion Equestrian (IEQ/VRH Prefixes). Illusion Equestrian closed it's doors on 2016 but now it's back with a fresher name and new owner (same person behind the screen though). I am still trying to get my facilities finished but now they're ready for our first horse to move in.

    The breeds we'll be focusing on are still Hanoverians with a new addition of Eventing/Dressage Shagya Arabians. Of course we'll have few differents breeds to preserve some old lines but mostly just these two.


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    VRH Don Larghetto is a Hanoverian stallion, grandson for both Donnerkonig and Don Rigoletto. At ripe age of 24, he wont be competing anymore, he's retired to stud and may be shown in-hand.

    more coming in the coming days..

  • um, hello!!
    So so so so glad to have you and your gorgeous horses back, I still stalk your old albums on the very first forum :blush:

    Don Larghetto is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what you post next - welcome back!


  • Banned

    Oh! Wow he is really beautiful, I loooooove his body!! :o <3

  • Ooooh myy, welcome back!

    I still own VRH/KSH Elijah (sired by LEC Ellington, out of ILA January Velvet), he's 26 years old now (going strong I'd say, retired and not ridden anymore, of course, just pasture for the grandpa).

    Larghetto is absolutelly S T U N N I N G and I'd definitely like to use that gorgeous confo if he is up for stud :heart_eyes:

  • You're back!!!! I am so excited!!!! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful horses and Don Larghetto is absolutely stunning! <3

  • PR Committee

    I think I already welcomed you back on the forum but I'll say it again here! So glad to see you back on the forum! Super excited to see the addition of Shagya Arabians; they are a secret love of mine and definitely need more recognition!

  • Thank you everyone ♥ I really appreciate your comments and the warm welcome back. I can't wait to show you more but things are progressing a bit slowly as the facilities aren't even finished yet.

    Here's a tiny sneak peek of two unedited screenies. In these pictures are Don Larghetto and.. someone else (who might need a tiny bit of conformation adjustment once I get some of the default sliders working again). I'll post these as bigger images once I had time to edit them and adjust the seal brown lady a tiny bit.

    alt text

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    Àlmos II, 2nd generation Shagya Arabian stallion by Àlmos

    (Grey fullbody dapples markings by Eldervine)

  • so lovely!

  • Administrators

    Welcome back! It's really nice to have you back with us :smile:
    Àlmos II is aboslutely gorgeous, can wait to see more of your Shagya Arabians (and warmbloods too) :heart_eyes:

  • I'm really happy to see an old face's back! Your horses are so pretty, I can't take my eyes off Àlmos II :heart_eyes:

  • Thank you ♥ ♥♥ I'm glad to be back, even more so thanks to your warm welcomes ♥

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    VRH Don Larghetto

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    VRH La Fleurette, Seal Bay Hanoverian Mare by Flammentanz x La Scala

  • oh my, fleur’s coat caught my eye! what a lovely seal brown <3

  • PR Committee

    Love the proud look on Don Larghetto and the color and confo on La Fleurette. Your attention to coat detail is astounding! I remember when you released a set of HD coats and was blown away. These updates make me excited. Keep it up!

  • Competition Committee

    They are both stunning! La Fleurette has such a kind face <3

  • Would enjoy seeing some action shots instead of confos :heart_decoration:

  • Thank you ♥

    Lidija - Yes I'm planning to :) I just want to get profile pictures for my horses first and get them registered to compete them.
    That plus I'm still in the process of finishing my facilities. I already finished them once, then boom it crashed when I was about to save. Then I got bored of my first facilities before they were even done (again) and I started building new one which I just can't get perfect so maybe I'll start over again xD Most of my time in Sims for now has been spent creating horses since I started from scratch pretty much so xD

    But there'll be action shots once I get these out of the way (and poses for them) ♥ I still got many horses I haven't shown here yet (and more coming up since I can't get far with 5 stallions and 2 mares if I plan to breed at some point and there's too many breeds I love xD ).

  • beautiful horses

  • Thank you all ♥ I am planning on posting something else than conformation screens at some point but that's what I'm focusing on atm until I get my facilities ready and starting stock done.

    I was going to wait before adding knabstruppers to my stables again but.. I couldn't wait xD I just love them too much. And I'm planning on getting way more than these two:

    alt text
    alt text
    IEQ name pending
    Knabstrupper stallion (Classical type)
    Dam is Destinada

    alt text
    IEQ Juvel
    Knabstrupper mare (Sports type)
    Sired by IEQ Royalist , out of Kronjuvel af Falksten

  • Banned

    wow!! i like the first one really much! :heart_eyes:

  • oh wow, lovely ones! the first one reminds me of my Figaro :D

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