Illusion Acres - January/2020

  • Thank you Nicole, Maize, Rena & Jade ♥♥

    I will introduce our new horses in the coming days, we have a few new mares along with WEC Thamina who I still haven't yet introduced (I'm defientily going to ♥).
    VRH Kingdom Come placed 3rd on his first show. Showjumping, even though his main discipline is Eventing though it seems Show Jumping is his strongest discipline of all three. Today I was training with him and gosh I love him to bits.

    alt text

    (I edited this a bit more than usual, even the body since I seem to have a problem with my even slightly darker horses being literally pixel ponies.. Like Kingdom's original screen was full of reddish pixel squares I had to smudge off).

  • i love this edited also with pixel XD :)

  • Competition Committee

    The editing in this is honestly insane :o

  • (ugh, i hate the stupid purple/red pixels..)

    you made the picture look beautiful nonetheless! i love the coloring of kingdom come’s coat, highlighted by his blue tack, and then with such a vibrant green backdrop. you really have a photographer’s eye! 👀

  • Stunning horse and the editing!

  • This. Looks. So. Great.! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • what a stunning edit.. <3 that muzzle
    The reddish pixel squares are usually caused by the tack.
    More tack = reddish pixel appear on the horse.

  • Shuuuii wowww!! I love that!

  • Thanks all for your comments <3

    I'm just posting this to say that I haven't gone anywhere but I have been quiet due to my close grandpa passing away on 3rd of September after suddenly getting really sick with pneumonia that couldn't be cured in the end.
    That's why I haven't felt like simming lately at all. Just had his funeral yesterday, I helped my mom arrange the memorial at my house so I was busy all week too baking mostly alone and cleaning with my mom so I'm really tired as well...

    I haven't competed my horses in few weeks but I'll try to get back into it right away when I feel I have the energy for it. I will be back soon, just need some time for some more days <3

  • Soo. Sorry for vanishing completely, but i've been super busy with studying and had all sorts of things going on irl in addition. I never uninstalled The Sims 3, so my horses are 100% safe and may be posting here from time to time now :)

    "Edited" my first screenshot since ages. Didn't do much, some eye shine, tail drawing, background blurring and lighting.

    Don Larghetto got revamped with detail and shader and shine markings :)

  • Nice to see you are back! I hope you still have those gorgeous Knabstrups! <3

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Yes I still have a few (and will have more) and I'm definetily planning to breed them :)

  • PR Committee

    Emily! I'm so glad to see you back and posting again! I saw your introduction on discord and I was so excited to see you over there! Can't wait to see more of your iconic legendary horses :black_circle: :white_circle:

  • He looks very chunky and hunky :P

  • Your horses are so unique <3 love his very sweet almost pony-like face.

  • Don Larghetto is so pretty! I love his rich brown coat <3

  • Thank you all ♥

    alt text
    Palomino warmblood mare (don't have her pedigree yet ;) )

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