Some EA horse body sliders not working

  • I downloaded couple more sliders yesterday and noticed some of the default ones stopped working. They show in CAS but when trying the slider, it makes no difference at all, it just slides on the bar without actually doing anything. The equine body sliders are the ones that aren't working.

    I have Nraas MasterController (and I've raised the "slider count" after this occurred) and I removed at least most of the sliders I had installed prior for some of the EA sliders to stop working and stupid me had no backup before doing that as I foolish enough to trust that they'd work xD But still some of those are not working.

    Could it be that some slider is not compatible with another one? This is the list of my sliders if you spot anything familiar to you that conflicts with another or one that is known to cause this kind of error please let me know:

    alt text

    I know it's far fetched but xD Any idea how to fix it?

  • This! I have this exact same problem, although in my case it's only the rump height slider that's not working.

    I have a small suspicion that it could be the pastern height slider clashing with the others, but I haven't tested this yet.

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    as far as I know, you have to change the maximum number of sliders to 100 at nraas ...

  • It means you have too many custom sliders installed*. C:

    Personally, nRaas' integration didn't fix this for me (which it sounds like it's not doing for you, either)
    I'm using Cmar's XCAS now- base mod + slider numbers tuning- which has solved the problem for me. Beware- you can run it alongside nRaas, but not the Integration module. C:

    Hope this helps?


  • I have done this and my sliders work perfectly fine. For horses I have this sliders x3 cause mastercontroller's similiar don't wanna clearly work with horses (atleast with me).

  • make sure to enable Override Custom Core Sliders (i think it’s called something similar to that) with nraas in cas settings! also, i keep my slider count around 300-500 :slight_smile:

  • Thanks all, I'll see which of these helps ♥ I have changed the maximum number to 200 but I think I'll put it a bit higher and see if that works first :)

    Edit// Got it to work with Cmar's XCAS ♥ Thank you, now I can make ponies again :dancer:

  • There is a lot of choices which one did you use?

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