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    Very occasionally I get inspired to create a useless, weird, bug-filled gizmo. And I'll post them here, so you can also stare at them.


    • Allows you to enter the type of grade you're looking to create and it will spit out a random phenotype, genotype, and breed you could include in it's makeup. Purely for inspiration and lulz. Recently had color rarity jacked up to throw nonsense a little less often (though still 100% guaranteed to throw nonsense!)
    • Throws every color a Pintabian could potentially come in, along with a possible genotype. Color rarity is accurate for the breed (pretty much)
    • In my continuing quest to encourage Equus to broaden it's horizons, I have made a gizmo to make that goal easier and more interesting than ever before. I'm fondly referring to this as the Little Guys Gizmo, as it's intended purpose is to be a resource to find breeds and disciplines that could do with a little more love. To use: Input the maximum number of registered horses you want in a breed and discipline, and the minimum discipline cap you would like that breed to receive. The gizmo will pull the numbers of registered horses in that breed and discipline, as well as Master Breed List information for the breed it generates. Have fun and go make some unique horses :fireworks:


    • This is intended to be a lighter version of Elsie's Discipline Checker. The pros of this version is that it has a much higher accuracy rate than the original version due to using a different information database. Penalties have been added as of November 7th. Please contact me if you notice any discrepancies with the leaderboards.
    • Displays the most popular disciplines total on Equus, as well as the most popular primaries and secondaries. "None" has been omitted from the counter.

    If you have a gizmo you want me to attempt (preferably not a coat generator because they're a pain), feel free to post below. I am not Elsie but I have a lot of free time to fill with poking at formulas.

    That's it for now bye :kiss:

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    Added Discipline Checker LITE version

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    • Added Discipline Counter

    • Updated Discipline Checker to display Penalties

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    oh look another self-indulgent gizmo no one asked for

    • Added Little Guys Gizmo

  • I love this last gizmo. It has one more letter in the link (just at the beginning), but it's perfect.

  • Cool new toy :D

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