Immy's Logo Lot~

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    Barn logos:

    • Price: 10,000 each
      Tex/Typography type logo
      basic design 1-2 colors, text or small image based
      alt text
    • Price: 20,000 each
      Intricate design, lots of colors and gradients, text and images
      alt text


    Stable name(s):
    Email Address:
    Example picture:
    Anything else: [this can be your stable prefix, any type of font you want to use, what horse you breed. Any info you think i should know]

    Individual Horse Logos:

    • Price: 5,000 per logo
      Up to 5 logos at a time
      These can be for websites, image placement holders, advertisements, etc!
      alt text

    You can request logos for more than one horse, but no more than five at a time!

    Email Address:
    Horse Prefix:
    Horse Name:
    Colors of logo:
    Example picture:
    Anything else: [this can be fonts you want to use, motto or saying... Any info you think i should know]

  • Name: Constantine Vale
    Stable name(s): Autumn Woods
    Email Address:
    Colors: greys(dark/light) and white
    Example picture: Something simple and elegant like "Warwick Manor" in your examples.
    Anything else: I want logo includes my stable's name "Autumn Woods" and "thoroughbreds since 2014" with smaller font under it. Main font can be fancy (I don't have an example here) or simple like Times New Roman or Perpetua, but nothing tall and thin. Second font simple, like Times New Roman. I'd also love if there'd be included something equestrian related, like bit, spur or ribbon maybe? Also don't want the logo to be too tall. If you need anything more, just ask me :)

  • Breed Committee

    Name: Rebecca Wall
    Stable name(s): Stride Away Equestrian Center
    Email Address:
    Colors: Plain colours, like grey and likewise. Would like some pale/pastel blue in there some where.
    Example picture: Don't have one as I want to be able to give you relatively free rein.
    Anything else: Like above, sone thing relatively simple but elegant. I'd like a running horse included somehow into the logo, either as an outline (like the neck and head of the horse with a flowomg mane to indicate running?). Overall I'd like to give you the freedom to make something you'd like :smile:

  • Both accepted! I will get working on these immediately!l!<

  • Name: Jasmine O'Connell
    Stable name(s): Silver Glade Stables
    Email Address:
    Colors: white/grey, and blue(as seen here)
    Example picture: Maybe something like this?
    Anything else: Really what I'd like is some sort of silhouette, or line drawing of a horse with wings, maybe jumping or running, I'm not entirely sure! I'd like it to have "Silver Glade Stables" somewhere on it, just something very simple, with the blue and some light grey, I think. If "EST. 2013" could be under the "Silver Glade Stables," in smaller font, then that'd be awesome too!

  • Name: Sophie Lawrence
    Stable name(s): Causeway
    Email Address:
    Colors: grey and this blue
    Example picture: Something simple, I like the Moorcroft logo. Something along the lines of that logo and this one? xD
    Anything else: I'd like the text to be kinda like this. Simple, yet.. defining. This logo will be used on my website, blog, and sales, so I'd like it to be large, so I can easily resize it.

  • Name: Nina Ricchi
    Stable name(s): Lakewood Ranch
    Email Address:
    Colors: grey, gold
    Example picture: Maybe something like this reining logo
    Anything else: yes :I leave you to your imagination but add " Lakewood ranch - reining performance - Since 2016 -

  • All Accepted! I'm sorry guys I am swamped with school work till the end of this week promise i will have drafts messaged to you at some point next week!

  • Development Committee


  • Name: Breanna Fahnestock
    Stable name(s): Nadir Arabians
    Email Address:
    Colors: Mainly golds and bronzes... like my current website logo.
    Example picture: x x x x
    Anything else: This is for my Arabian stable... This is my current logo, I still love it and use it on the stables website. What I'm mainly looking for is one to use around the forum in my signature, in my blog when I post about this stable etc.

  • Breed Committee

    Name: Lythaera Böhm
    Stable name(s): Revenare Park
    Email Address: n/a (just contact my on slack or via private message here please)
    Colors: Grey, black, silver
    Example picture:
    Anything else: I basically need my existing logo remade from scratch, as I need a 4k version of it. I'd like it to be almost exactly the same but with a few key differences. The font is Chopin, but I'd like the capital R to be drawn from scratch (since the font makes the R and the P look too similar) I would also like a separate image of the redrawn R by itself so I can use it for retextures.

  • Name: Erica Ackerson
    Stable name(s): Vantage Point Equestrian
    Email Address: , slack would be preferred.
    Colors: Mainly black/white, other tasteful colors if you think it fits!
    Example picture: x, x
    Anything else: I'm looking for a somewhat minimalistic logo, with the text Vantage Point Equestrian EST 1982 integrated into it somewhere. I'd love for it to look very professional and modern, no gradients, 3D, and nothing too "cute". Thank you!

  • All accepted!

  • Name: Aubrey Horvath
    Stable name(s): Woodbury Stables
    Email Address:
    Colors: Blacks, grays, whites
    Example picture: none really, but to use one of your completed logos as an example, I really like the Warwick Manor one. I would instead of a bit like perhaps a horse racing silhouette, and in front/behind it a horse jumping silhouette.
    Anything else: Our prefix is WooS and Thoroughbreds are our specialty! If you could add a short phrase underneath the logo/big stable name, that'd be great. It'd say -- "Offering you the versatility of the Thoroughbred since 2015".

  • Accepted!!

  • Payment before or after?

  • @Aubrey-Horvath After please :3 Due to the nature of logos they always change either more complex or more simple as the creative process flows

  • Ok! I can only afford a simple one however!

  • Development Committee

    Any updates on these?

  • Yes! I am chugging away! Should hopefully have samples to show you all by the middle of this week!
    Progress had been a bit slow due to a series of horse shows and a term paper!

  • cant wait!

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