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  • Holy cow where to begin? Since I've joined this community I've met some pretty amazing people over the years. Shared some great laughs, ranted and raved over rl and just so much more that makes me forever grateful for stumbling across this community those years ago. It feels like I don't know most of you nearly as much as I would like, but I always feel welcome.

    @Dimitri-Dane It was your scrapbook that I had stumbled across years ago that inspired me to join. Your attention to detail and just your style in general is so awe inspiring. Everything you do is simply heart stopping. And I hope that one day I have a drop of the talent that you have. You are such a generous person and I'm so thankful for knowing you.

    @Lidija-Rotherford I bow to the Irish Draught Queen. You're horses never cease to amaze me. And the fact that such great horses belong to such a caring and friendly person is simple icing on the cake...or brownie.

    @Eowyn-Vance Where are the words? You're hilarious, helpful, and one of the nicest people I've met. I could sit in your album all day. The mood of your photos :heart: There are no words.

    @Alexa-la-Coupe Salty, bitter, and ready for a laugh. You always seem to know what to do and how to do it (even if it's laced with enough salt to make an ocean). You're horses are to die for, and your edits <3 I'm so happy to have met you.

    @Luke-Teth Your CC.... just omg....you are a pioneer I'm telling you.

    @Toni-Lamberti Has anyone told you that you're awesome? Yes? No? Doesn't matter cause I'm gonna tell you again. You're awesome!

    @Elsie-Spectre And really all the staff. You keep this place running. You keep adding things to make this a better community for everyone. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do.

    And to everyone else that I didn't tag. All of you are truly amazing people. I am so thankful for meeting each and every one of you. Thank you so much for making this place simply fantastic!

  • @Keegan-Noble - We've known each other ever since 2015, on Equus Sims still. You are a great person, always helpfull, kind and so funny! I really admire your hoarder spirit, managing to take such a great care of so many horses! I really miss talking to you :heart:

    @Anna-Hertler - Equus wouldn't be the same without you to be part of it's staff! You are such a kind, helping person, Anna, and I've never seen someone posting show results as fast as you do. Thank you for all of your effort :heart:

    @Dimitri-Dane - Another face I've known ever since 2015 Equus Sims. You are such a selfless person, Dimi. I really admire your work - from horses to editing. You've never failed to help me with BIYs when I needed, nor to bring a smille to others - especially with Christmas Dimports last year. Thank you :heart:

    @Morgan-Cameron - The name that comes to mind when thinking of genetics! I've also known you from 2015 Equus Sims. Thank you for always being so kind to me. I really miss seeing Celeridad stables and horses around, truth be said :heart:

    @Kody-Böhming - Making Sims stories being as realistic as can be? You are talking about Kody! I really admire your work, especially regarding your album and editing. Thank you for always being kind to me, keep up the great work :heart:

    @Richard-Sterling - Last, but most certainly not least. How can I even begin talking about you? You've become such a special person to me in such a short amount of time, dear. After my 2 year long hiatus from the community, I came back to all of my old friends being gone, and finding you was probably the best thing that could've happened.
    Your work with your stables and horses is remarkable - it's always so clear the effort you put in every single coat, marking... everything you do. Your editing is jaw dropping - certainly one of the best around Equus nowadays. I really admire your efficience on doing so many things in such a short amount of time - dealing with over 240 horses, 3 stables, a service, breedings, chats, games, shows, albums AND a RL. Just wow. I could never do any of it, and you make everything look so easy, almost efortless - but we know it is not.
    May you always be this talented, kind, selfless and, especially, friend person you are. Please know you are very special and never doubt yourself. Thank you for everything! :heart:

  • @Gwen-Parker My best friend, my love <3 You're one of my best Friends which I found in the Sims Community. I don't will live without you <3

    @Nikki-Calvaria You're a god in creating horses and a important Person for Equus <3

    @Kody-Böhming Youre Storys, youre horses….for me you're one of the best persons for Quality western horses

    @Luke-Teth Youre CC...omg I can't Play without them <3

  • @Nicole-Loeffler I know you from my first sims 3 equstrian forum ( & It's loong long time ago). I admired you there & I'm doing it today. You're always so kind & I realy love your horses :rosette: :heart: I started editing my pictures with your tumblr tutorials along time ago & (even I'm not that good at all :smile: ) I got better with your tutorials & I realy learned how to enjoy editing.

    @Luna-Andrews I follow you & your horses a long time ago & you give realy a lot of motivation & inspiration to me. :heart: :heart: You show me the great breed of Finnhorses (I owend one a time ago but I lost it cause of my silly sims ).

    @Carmen-Raymond You are one of my favorit cc & horse creater. I just learned a lot from you by just watching your pictures & well everything you do looks great :heart:

    @Alexandra-Yashirina your editing is just on point. You are one of my best examples. I wish I'll get as good as you one day.

  • Exciting times!

    Before this forum is gone for good, I'd like to say thank you,
    @Amara-Agne, for sweetness and sparkling hearts, Pretty Prim, and adorable pictures;
    @Ariadne-Waters, for mysteries and magical stories, characters more lovely than poetry, Dot Lawley, and Agatha Foskett;
    @Callixta-Rosella, for flowers and soft rain and coziness and loving characters with loving horses;
    @Catriona-O-connolly, for dorky horses with cute noses and quirky conformations, lovely builds, cute saddlebreds (Indie!!!), and a very wonderful blog;
    @Chelsea-Montgomery, for lavender rains and adorable horses (Dino I love you), cozy facilities, and adorable names (Springtail!!);
    @Clementine-Laake, for soft colors, kind foal eyes, and the perfection that is Egg;
    @Denn-Hanes, for twinship where I least expected it, my newfound appreciation for SoCal, the adventures of fuzzy Oink and chunky Teddy, and tree-inhaling shenanigans;
    @Diana-Sæterbakken, for breathtaking landscapes, mountain breezes, rustling leaves, and graceful equines;
    @Dimitri-Dane, for A LOT OF THINGS but most notably your sheer magnanimity, Milkshake (!!), and the ray of sunshine that is Caelin Dane;
    @Elaine-Rose, for chocolaty horses, the legendary sad eyes, Welmington HX (and his alleged death, rip);
    @Elin-Fredriksdotter, for precious horses with fluttery eyelashes and your incredible generosity;
    @Elizabeth-Hall, for warm, sleepy atmospheres and Spoony;
    @Ellory-Clarke, for seasonal zodiac updates iconic riders, beautifully-colored photos, and cozy stories;
    @Elsie-Spectre, the aesthetic perfection known as Crossroads, Elsie and Lou’s bickering, LABCAT, and that gloriously nerdy blog of yours;
    @Eowyn-Vance, for grey skies and brown brick, writing that hides things between the lines, adorable bays and greys (and chestnuts and pintos), and Nutking;
    @Gundrun-Ward, for your wonderful collection of warmbloods, Azura, and pictures that emanate crisp mountain air;
    @Ian-Salvatore, for a very cute blog and even more cute warmbloods with big eyes and pink noses;
    @Iris-Hammel @Irish Ammel, for fascinating travel stories, the legend that is Bloodbuzz, and the way you draw nostrils;
    @Laura-Quest, for your gang of quirky horses (namely Oddball and BayBee, and Edel, and Diamond, and—), adorable storytelling, and my new admiration for standardbreds;
    @Luna-Andrews, for snow, Finnhorses, and Finnhorses in snow, rustic facilities with soft sunlight, pastel skies, and the most lovely and thoughtful essays of comments you leave;
    @Lux-Winscott, for adorable Arabians, wonderfully atmospheric photos, and of course all the French;
    @Marquis-Moulin, for Mark and Burt (and of course AVERY), the living embodiment of would a horse wear pants like this or this?, your adorable homey stories, and all the Cheers!;
    @Martha-Carter, for horses with fluffy manes and tails, pretty backgrounds, and vibrant colors;
    @Maya-Lilly, for the cutest photo/story ideas, for the best nicknames (Piri Piri Chicken and Bleuberry), and your brilliant sense of humor;
    @Nicole-Loeffler, for magical horses (and horse hybrids!), breathtaking builds, and the sheer talent in everything you do;
    @Puck-Cantrell, for your insistence on making everyone have funky breeds (it worked on me), STELLA, and the disaster that is WPW's staff;
    @Rena-Cort, for being there to share short stories and pictures, for all the help with everything, and of course Messi;
    @Tasha-White, for elegant Arabians, soft ponies, cats, cats, and cats;
    @Zinnia-Arvi, for sweet stories of cute horses, wonderful pictures of cute horses, and lovely blog updates about cute horses that are full of magic in the mundane;
    and all of Equus, for all the fish!

    I'll see you over on Cavaletti! :horse: :two_hearts:

  • Now that’s an exit @Alexa-la-Coupe. :cold_sweat:
    :hugging: :heart:
    Thank you to the particular people I’ve met and befriended on this site. :heart: You’ve made my experience on Equus very memorable and special. Thank you for everything. :pray:

  • I Just wanted to write a little note to say how much I appreciate all of you, I'm not going to tag anyone because I may leave people out and then I would be forever upset (and I'm already fragile from a very bad day) but you all know who you are :heart: :sparkling_heart:
    Equus has helped me through some rough times in my life and I will be forever thankful for the escape from rl troubles and the many friends I have made along the way, even if my activity is spotty at best please know that I am so thankful to have been a part of this community! Thank you for the memories :two_hearts:
    kitty hugs for everyone! :kissing_cat:

    alt text

  • there's so many people that i love and adore, but three that need a special shout out

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you for becoming my friend! i enjoy all our conversations and value you tremendously. :two_hearts:

    @Eowyn-Vance for the longest time, i was too intimidated to talk to you. what a mistake! i think so highly of you :two_hearts:

    @Clementine-Laake imma not get sappy but u know :two_hearts: can't believe it's been so so long!!

  • Oh my... I think I missed a lot... I didn't know the forum is closing down..
    Even though I have always been more the quiet simmer and also with university keeping me quite busy, I have always loved to come back after long breaks and still see the same people being here <3 It's sad for all the amazing memories on here.
    I also want to thank all the people for creating such amazing stuff and sharing your wonderful stories and pictures :heartbeat:
    @Alexa-la-Coupe Me and Spoony will definitely make sure to stalk your tumblr :eyes: :heart_exclamation:

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