{OPEN} Big Horse Market (Import Service)

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    Are you looking for your next superstar? Or just a sweet pony for your daughter? Then you are absolutely right here! We are offering to you every horse you can dream about! Just fill out the small form and we are looking to catch the right horse for you!

    This is an import service. I am creating EVERY breed, also grades with unique custom markings.

    You are allowed to add shine/shade/detail markings and do minor tweaks on their conformation
    Please don't change their coat color, a black stays a black horse
    Please don't use their custom markings on any other horses
    Do not put the horse or parts of it up for download (coat, markings, conformation, complete horse)
    I don't have any activity rules, but I love to see my horses around!
    Please contact me if you want to resell the horse, I might take it back
    Have a lot fun with your new horse!


    Import Type Description Price
    BASIC BLIND Import Surprise color and gender, you choose the breed (with custom head-leg marking) 15000
    COMPLEX BLIND Import Surprise color and gender, you choose the breed (with custom white markings) 20000
    SIMPLE Import Base Colors, one modifier 10000
    ADVANCED Import More than one modifier 15000
    EXPERIENCED Import Very complex coats with custom white markings (tobiano, sabino, overo, white spotted) 20000

    Note: Complex Blind and Experienced Import currently not available, will open soon!

    I create custom markings for every import. If you want a specific marking, please make sure to show me both sides of the horse (especially tobianos etc). I don't create custom roan and appaloosa markings.

    Member Name:
    Import Type:
    Markings: (leave blank for surprise markings)

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  • Member Name: Jade Nguyen
    Import Type: SIMPLE import ( i guess?)
    Breed: Swedish Warmblood
    Gender: Stallion
    Color: Bay
    Markings: face, face, front legs markings

  • Member Name: Kanashimi Philana
    Import Type: Advanced Import
    Breed: Either a TN Walker or an AQH **It really doesn't matter to me which one you choose
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Blue Roan or a colour similar to this coat It's TN Walker Stallion
    Markings: (leave blank for surprise markings)

  • PR Committee

    Member Name: Andrea Burdine
    Import Type: Simple
    Breed: KWPN
    Gender: Stallion
    Color: Chestnut
    Markings: Two rear socks, large blaze.

    Something like this lady?

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