[WANTED] Custom Content Ideas

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    Custom Content Ideas

    Hello Equus! I am curious if any of you have any ideas for CC you'd like to see released to the public in the coming months. Ideas can include:

    • Markings (white markings, shines, detail markings, etc)
    • Retextures
    • Poses
    • Simple meshes
    • Coat sets and breed templates
    • Photoshop resources (brushes, actions, patterns)
    • other ideas you can think of

    This is not a personal request thread. Please don't post things like "this specific tobiano marking" or "these exact riding poses"- instead think along the lines of "ermine spot markings" or "small jump poses"; general ideas of things that myself or other creators could make and release. You're welcome to post some images to illustrate an idea but again, specific requests are unlikely to be created.

    Thank you! Post away :smile:

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    Kinda gross, but for rp and unedited maybe some sweat markings? Just markings in general to show how gross horses typically are and can get.

  • Competition Committee

    White markings like tobiano, sabino, splash and overo maybe?
    And the community could always use more poses like casual normal trail ride poses and everyday type of poses, we don't really have many of those.
    Brushes for Photoshop might be something too , that could help creating the more complex markings like tobiano etc.

  • I second sweat markings! Also quarter mark markings would also be amazing :D

  • hi,

    i would like hmmm

    _ Marking tobiano
    _ head & leg marking
    _ Brush tail & manes & eyes

    • Appaloosa marking
    • Everyday poses
    • Sim-horsey ads etc as paintings
    • Detail markings for legs and hindquarters, and veins
    • Head shine+detail markings

  • PR Committee

    I think there's a lack of everyday type of poses; like sims doing barn chores as well as not-so-perfect poses for training horses. I know I always struggle to find poses of sims having fallen off.
    For barns, I think general ads could be fun to have; like show flyers or even something like an Equus sale catalogue would be cool to have in barn offices. And as @Isaiah-Pace said, stallion ads would be cool as well as other general stuff like that. Also, I know we have some really nice hanging blankets around now but it'd be really cool to see muddy, used versions of those since horses aren't always so thoughtfully clean :laughing:
    Markings are always cool to have, can never have too many of those. I'd personally love to see quarter markings, I think I've only come across one or two versions in the past.

  • PR Committee

    High quality multi channel leg and/or face markings

    Mix and match pattern markings (tobi, white spotting, appy, splash, ect.)

    Quarter markings

    “Deshined” manes and tails

    Arena or barn shells

    Confo poses

  • Breed Committee

    New cross country jumps/ high quality retextures of existing ones would be super rad.

  • Confo poses, everyday training poses, body/face markings, tack (saddle pads/saddle/bridle)

  • Some steeplechase obstacles and poses would be nice

    • Polebending poles:

    Bild Text

    @Blake-Bellanaris sweat markings, totally agree!

    @Callixta-Rosella every day chore poses! totally in for those. I have like one posepack only where the sim does clean the stalls but the pose doesnt even fit with the wheelbarrow CC we have. xD And those used/dirty blankets would be awesome too, maybe some retextures of those we have ;)

    poses for children, learning how to ride, riding western, riding english, in general more childrens poses for everyday life on a Ranch. I thought about a riding school a looong time, but still there are so few poses for children that its a pain in the butt to do story about it xD

  • Photoshop brushes for sure!

  • Competition Committee

    I second veins!

  • Breed Committee

    @Kody-Böhming said in [WANTED] Custom Content Ideas:

    • Polebending poles


    Also, more endurance tack, but that's going to be a bit harder and i recognize that.

    We could badly use something like this Tucker Equitation saddle.
    alt text

    More convertible bridles.
    Easyboots (probably the easiest, because you'd be altering existing meshes/creating something that follows the shape of the hoof)
    Sponges and water scoops I imagine wouldn't be hard either.

  • I personally love your movable white marking sets, those have been super helpful. It’d be nice to see more of them :) thank you for all that you do Nikki!

  • Anything saved here that's even remotely equine!


  • Competition Committee

    I'd love to see some HD contour pads for show hunters. The only hunter pad I know of is from Lakeside.

    alt text

    How it looks under saddle.

    alt text

  • PR Committee

    ^ Yes! As I get into Hunters I would love to see some love for the discipline!

  • Would love some outdoor waterers, then I could ditch the water trough. :p

  • Breed Committee

    I second any sort of water trough or waterers!

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