[ENDED | 24hr ALB] WRNGS Downsizing - Titles Galore

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    • Do not put the horse up for mass download.
    • Do not change the base color, breed, gender, or show name of the horse. Minor changes to shines or shadings may be done to suit your tastes.
    • Changes to conformation may be made so long as the horse remains recognizable.
    • You must keep the prefix. You may not add your own.
    • You are not obligated to contact me before reselling the horse. You may resell the horse at any time. Horses that are sent to the reclaim and/or deceased horse account may or may not be reclaimed by me.
    • There are no activity rules for any of these horses. You buy it, you do what you want with it.
    • Missing markings may be replaced.
    • Some horses have custom markings. Please do not put these custom markings up for public download or claim them as your own, or use them on your own horses. Horses who have custom markings will have it noted on their auction listing.
    • I reserve the right to remove horses from the sales listing if I need to do so.
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    WRNGS Laoidheach

    4th generation chestnut Hanoverian mare
    WEC Lazarus x VRH Abilene
    77pts in Show Jumping | 16 pedigree points in Show Jumping
    Other Images:
    Starting Bid:$10,000
    alt text
    alt text

    BUS/WRNGS Luchador

    2nd generation black sabino Lusitano stallion
    BUS Dreamdancer x FWF Hermosa Mentira
    31pts in Dressage | 1 pedigree point in dressage
    Other Images:
    | CAP |
    Starting Bid:$5,000
    alt text
    alt text

    WRNGS Lieutenant Cross

    Foundation black Friesian stallion
    138pts in Dressage | 3 pedigree points in dressage
    Other Images:
    | CAP |
    Starting Bid: $10,000
    alt text
    alt text

    WRNGS Legionnaire

    2nd generation black tobiano Georgian Grande stallion
    WRNGS Lieutenant Cross x BUS Ravenna
    155pts in Dressage | 7 pedigree points in dressage
    Includes custom marking
    Other Images:
    Starting Bid: $10,000
    alt text
    alt text

    WRNGS Lucille

    Foundation gray Kladruber mare
    86pts in Dressage | 2 pedigree points in dressage
    Other Images:
    Starting Bid: $5,000
    alt text
    alt text

    HoS Lady Cairde

    Foundation black leopard Knabstrupper mare
    60pts in Eventing | 2 pedigree points in Eventing
    Other Images:
    Starting Bid: $7,000
    alt text

    Auction Rules

    • The auction will remain open at the minimum until the 10th of February. After the 10th of February, the auction will be conducted under 24hr ALB rules.
    • Autobuy will be made available on horses who have received no bids by the 10th of February. Before that time, no autobuy offers will be considered. Horses who have at least one bid on them will no longer be available for autobuy at all.
    • Minimum bid increments of $1,000

    High Bids

    Horse Bidder Bid Amount Auction Status
    WRNGS Laoidheach Julianna Croft $85,000 Closed
    BUS/WRNGS Luchador Brittany Hammock $36,000 Closed
    WRNGS Lieutenant Cross Kassidi Coy Lutz $30,000 Closed
    WRNGS Legionnaire Alastair Schrodinger $21,000 Closed
    WRNGS Lucille Thomas Thorley $6,000 Closed
    HoS Lady Cairde Levi Rosenthal $16,000 Closed

  • WRNGS Legionnaire - SB

  • Administrators

    WRNGS Lieutenant Cross - SB

  • WRNGS Laoidheach SB
    WRNGS Lieutenant Cross 11k

    Dimitri I apologise, your rules read, to me like AB was an option if there were no bids.

  • @Thomas-Thorley

    There is no autobuy. Please re-read the auction rules at the bottom of the thread once more.


    Hunting for Thunder T - SB :heart_eyes_cat:

  • WRNGS Laoidheach - 12k

  • WRNGS Laoidheach- 15k

  • Hunting for Thunder T - 10k

    WRNGS Lucille - SB

    HoS Lady Cairde -SB

  • WRNGS Lieutenant Cross - 15k

  • Hunting for Thunder T - 10,500

  • Hunting for Thunder T has been purchased by her original breeder.

    Sorry to those who were bidding!

    All other horses remain unchanged.

    One additional rule added to the auction rules because I forgot about it whoops.

  • :cry: oh man

  • Administrators

    WRNGS Lieutenant Cross - 20k

  • WRNGS Laoidheach- 16k

  • WRNGS Laoidheach- 20k

  • WRNGS Laoidheach- 25k

  • Banned

    HoS Lady Cairde - 8k

  • HoS Lady Cairde - 9k

  • WRNGS Laoidheach- 30k

  • BUS/WRNGS Luchador - SB

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