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  • Welcome home, Digno! I wish you good luck and that his successes continue to increase!

    @Annalena-Voigt @Siri-Kane @Irene-Duarte What a pretty words, thank you so much guys :heartpulse:

    alt text

    [ March/05]

    alt text

    First new face

    ''Blacky Antique''

    Today I feel glad to introduce you the fist new Andalusian mare of this year, YE Romana VI. She's our first back coated mare of the stud :heart_exclamation: (but not the only one). Romana comes from a long line of champion horses and we hope to get some future stars from her :trophy:

  • Love all your horses!

    @Breanna-Fahnestock :heart_eyes: I have to say the same of yours

    alt text

    [ March/09]

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    More news in the barn

    ''In good company''

    More news on the young mare's stables!! Too much work to do in this afternoon, but this doesn't stop me from take photos hehehe. Atlántica (YE Atlántica XXIX) was waiting for me out of the box while Duarte's gilrs tried to sniff her (on the right Gélida de Duarte and on the left Icónica de Duarte - well, rather a little bit of Icónica :laughing: ) I have to say to you @Irene-Duarte that your girls are really naughty... It was a bad idea to put one next to the other.

  • your stables are so unique and I love Atlántica. she is such a nice shade of grey!

  • Pranks are best done in good company, haha! <3

  • All are looking absolute handsome, and i love how friendly and modern your barn is looking these skylights are divine :ok_hand: :dromedary_camel: :classical_building:


    @Irene-Duarte hahaha!!! you're absolutely right!!

    @Clementine-Laake @Nicole-Loeffler than you soo much, I promise to show more about the facilities, there are some interesting secret nooks :tongue: and also I'd like to post more nice grey coated horses very soon :smile:

  • Gélida ♥

    @Alba-Moran I'll introduce her very soon :wink:

    alt text

    [ March/20]

    alt text

    The Future Classical Dressage Master

    ''Making progress''

    If in the last post I introduced some new mares to the community, this time I'll talk about an old acquaintance: Atlántica's father, Aventurero (Aventurero XII De la Campana) !!

    Aventurero is making great progress in Classical Dressage, It seems like he really loves it!! Of course, not all the trainigs have to be on any arena, this time we were doing our groundwork exercises in the peaceful stallion yard ( around wich are the boxes of them). We felt lucky for be able to enjoy the first day of spring here in Spain outdoors :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    PD: I need a new whip again...

  • Your editing and your horses are just goals. I mean, look at that coat, that hair, those details... I'm in love <3

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta all I can say always to your words is thank you :heart:

  • Beautiful horse and editing, as always!

  • What a lovely update! Aventurero is a beautiful shade of grey! And his movements also look great :heart:

  • Your barn is realy pretty & the horse is super beautiful

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