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  • @Fernanda-Luchetta Thank you soo much Fernanda!! You know, for you there will always be the possibility of giving a playmate to the beautiful Carioca :smirk:
    @Shagaia-Nedja-ri I didn't used to be too until my cremello stallion Garabato arrived home. Then I couldn't stop with new creamys!!

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    [ September/28]

    alt text

    Grey Turns White

    ''YI Fogoso V del Impío''

    All of us know what happens to grey horses with the years but Fogoso V has become almost white during this one. I supose it could be due to his age but if he continues on this rythm maybe he's going to turn completely white for Chrismast! (maybe he wants a new snow outfit for the festivity?? :snowflake: ).

    NOTE : During this weekend I'm having more free time so I decide to do some ''good'' edits. As almost the rest of my horses, Fogoso needed a new profile pic. Also, if you're a dapple lover, for this coming days I have prepared a lot of ''dapple grey'' surprises.

  • What a handsome grey! As a BIG dapple lover i can't wait for surprises hahah :D

  • I hope his son Saturn is like him :heart_eyes: I love his new coat!

  • alt text

    [ October/03]

    alt text

    October Preparatives


    October is since a couple of years a really busy month on the stud. SICAB, the international Andalusian horse event celebrated in the well-knows spanish city of Sevilla every year is almost here so we were preparing our horses for the competitions. On this event is usual to find since morphological/halter competitions to dressage or jumping ones adn a lot of good shows, ever only for P.R.E. horses!!

    On this year, we want to compete with a total of 3 different ''Cobras de yeguas'' (one bay, one dappled and one cremello) composed of tree or five mares with the same coat and general morphological features. During the performance, the mares have to move on different gaits with harmony, beauty and elegance next to their handler. On the pic, Amanda trained a good joint trot with Xiclana III, YI Salinera I del Impío and YE Bengala XLVII del Cascabel, tree champion mares! We hope to get really good results on this discipline with them.

    Also, we're going to compete on dressage ant SICAB! This year we want to debut some new yougers like my liitle mare YE Atántica XXIX. She's truly an elite line andalusian with pure Carthusian blood on her veins (just one of my prefered girl ok?xD) but as a novice horse on the discipline, she is usially nervous and becames easily scared with stupid things (young horses, you know..). Here on the pic, María was trying to get on her but she was soo upset... hope that she 'll behave well on the competition.


    Finally, I would like to include on this post the new profile pic of YI Malagueña XXVII del Impío. Of course this mare will be participating in SICAB too, in this case on the Halter secction :smile:

  • Wow I’d never heard of Cobra de yeguas before but it seems like such a unique discipline and the ladies seems to be very good at it too! The best of luck with the preparations and the competion <3

    Ps. That building is gorgeous!

  • The photo of the Cobra is impressive, it really amazes me :heart_eyes: The truth is that October is a stressful month, but surely everything goes well, see you at the track hahaha

  • I always love to read your updates and see your photos, Vera. Everything in your blog gives me such a nice, cozy feeling - it's almost like if I'm in Spain for a second.
    Your greys are total beauties and I really like how you edit your hairs, specially the mares'. Here in Brazil our Marchador mares are also displayed in competitions with roached manes, which is something most people might find strange or less appealing but I see true beauty on it. I'm looking forward on seeing more updates from Spain :two_hearts:

  • @Luna-Smit yes!! Well in truth, ''cobra de yeguas'' is not an original discipline, it is most like a tradition that has been preserved into a special Morpho/Halter category. Historically, the mares were linked on this way for work on the country (like when hay had to be separed fron the seeds of the wheat plants using animal force and weigh for get it, doing them walkin or troting over it on circles in a plain area) or when the keeper wanted to transfer his mares from a site to another... that kind of ancient practices :slight_smile:

    @Borja-Domecq HAHAHA!!! Good luck too Borja :tongue:

    @Fernanda-Luchetta I always try to make the feeling of being for a moment in the spanish countryside for the people who visit my blog. I really love my country and it's cheerfull people and all our amazing tradition, that's what I try to transfer in any of my main updates. So you words makes me really happy :smile:
    I didn't know that Marchador mares were shaved too! Our countries have a lot of similarities haha fault of our history I supose! In my opinion, it's a feature that gives the mare a special presence on the competition :wink:

  • Wow, so many stunning greys! :heart_eyes: I just love the tail of Atántica, it's spot on! :ok_hand: I love the warm feeling in the pictures now that it's getting colder here in the north, I do miss the summer and the warmth from time to time especially when it's raining all days of the week (if it could be sunny one day or two at least) :unamused:

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