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  • Oh they are so pretty :sob: :heart: and I think Eric will care for them really well!

  • Aw, such beauties! Good luck with them, Eric <3

  • So pretty!

  • It was the best decision to buy these two black beauties! :two_hearts:
    I am so exited to welcome them soon! Also Jaleo is exited to meet his new friends!

  • Oh I feel you :cry: you never wanna part with them because they are so cute, but on the other hand you want to send them into loving homes <3

  • They are very beautiful! <3

  • They are both stunning! I'm sure Eric will take good care of them <3


    @Emilia-Fox @Fernanda-Luchetta @Thea-Radmer @Jill-Hendricks thank youu!! I'm sure Eric will make a good job with them!
    @Eric-Sobeck thank you soo mucho for trust in me and my horses, and also in Andalusian breed!! :heart:
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld that's absolutely truth!! I love all my horses, but if I keep them my game wouldn't want to work hahaha
    @Irene-Duarte thank you Irene... I know you have some new beauties too :wink:

    alt text

    [ July/03 ]

    alt text

    Caramelo's Update

    ''Not a new new look''

    Caramelo is an old friend in this forum, is'nt necessary to make introductions xD But since I came back here, he was on my to do list waiting for his confo and coat update. And here's finally posing for his new profile picture :grin: Caramelo is standing at the (also) new main entrance yard of the Students House
    that has just finished building.

  • Caramelo :heart_eyes: The Spanish horses return to the load haha

  • What a stunning boy :heart_eyes:

  • Oh my, what a handsome boy.


    @Borja-Domecq @Ashton-Mills @Anna-Foster lot of thanks :heart:

    alt text

    [ July/05 ]

    alt text

    More Caramelo's

    ''Free dance''

    This golden boy loves to play freely on the outdoors arena during the summer morning. Good and warm weather, birds singing and beauty Andalusians mates, today I cant' ask for more!!

  • What a gorgeous boy! I love his coat, and your editing is :heart_eyes_cat:

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta I always feel flattered with your words. Really thanks dear :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

  • He's very beautiful! <3

  • alt text

    [ August/06 ]

    alt text

    A Walk in the Wood

    ''Just relax yourself ''

    Time is comming. Some of our beloved stallion and mares are closely to earn their 5th Title. This means this guys are next to the retiremen... for my displeasure. But ''Retirement'' means too that new guys are comming to the stud!! One of the last newest members is YE Aureo X, a stunning young buckskin PRE stallion imported by @Eowyn-Vance on the last Secret Santa's Season, isn't he misteriously pretty?? The fist time I shaw him I couldn't not fall in love with his coat :smile:

    Althoug he started with his fist competitions, Aureo is still younger for having a rigurous training routine so, well, he spends most time running around , here and there xD!

  • What a handsome stallion! :heart_eyes: He looks super sweet, I also really like your editing, the mane and tail are super realisitic <3

  • Look at that beautiful boy! <3

  • How handsome! and those mane as well :heart_eyes:


    @Jill-Reyes Yes he's a really sweet boy, thank youuu :heart:
    @Celia-Acosta :heart: :heart:
    @Luna-Smit thank you! :heart_eyes_cat:

    alt text

    [ August/09 ]

    alt text

    The Best Views

    ''The Sultan's paradise''

    This weekend we have traveled to the beautiful city of Granada (in south Spain) with some of our horses because we were invited to participate in a historic/horse show organized by some friends. I couldn't travel to Granada and not go for a walk around the marvelous sights this city have, so I decide to take out YE Greco III from his box and go there. Of course, I became speechless with the vews of the great Alhambra, a beautiful antique palace builded during the Nazarí Dinasty betwen the XIII and XV century.

    To be honest, that was an unforgetable experience.

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