What can I do??

  • I came back to ES again, but with another count (and name) and I want to keep my old horses. All of them are under the name of Annie Olsen.
    My account fot the mane site aren't still aproved too..

    Does exist any way to get back the horses?? what other options can I do??

    (Sorry for my rusty english)

  • Administrators

    Are you able to log into the Annie Olsen main site account? If so, log into that account and change your main site name to Vera Alvarez, and you'll have your old account back. If you can't do that on your own, @Elsie-Spectre should be able to help you log into it.

    Welcome back, I hope we can get you sorted soon. :smile:

  • Yes, I tried it, but I can't :disappointed: ... It was too long time to remind the passwor haha (passowor for the account, for my ols email, etc, etc.... laught for not crying...).

    Hope @Elsie-Spectre can help me :innocent:

    And Thank you!! I'm soo happy for came in again.

  • Administrators

    Message me with the email address or username for the account

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