Colors and Outcrosses Missing From Automatic Registration

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    If a breed was accepted to carry a color or accept an outcross on the old Master Breed List that is now denied by automatic registration, please post here with the problem. Evidence and screenshots aren't needed, just let me know what's missing. :slight_smile:

    This is not a thread to request new colors or outcrosses for breeds, only to report missing information; new colors need to be requested in their own thread with evidence.

    **Missing Color or Outcross Information:** 
    **Any other info:** 

  • My post here was approved for additional Knabstrupper and knabstrupper sport horse out-crosses including KWPN, Hanoverian and Swedish Warmblood. I have horses registered at the moment with this outcrossing. Can post examples again if needed.

    Nikki C: All WBFSH members have been added to both, thank you!

  • Breed: Knabstrupper (Sport Horse)
    Missing Color or Outcross Information: Outcross / Thoroughbred
    Any other info: The MBL says "Usually Trakehner, Frederiksborger, Shagya Arab, Arab, Anglo-Arab, Danish Warmblood, Oldenburg, Holstener (and pure TBs that are registered as any of the above), but any WBFSH studbook is permitted."

    Auto Reg. is not currently letting me register my Knabbys of partial Thoroughbred blood, of which I have several. Now, what I am positive the MBL is referring to is when stud owners license their TB stallions with euro studbooks and under that given book, the horse gets licensed as that WB breed. Which taking a pure TB x TB on ES and registering it as a warmblood breed seems impractical (and is personally an undesireable thing to do to my TBs). I also would imagine that it would probably cause further issues with Auto reg and really at the end of the day liscensing a TB with a warmblood studbook does not change he fact that physically you are breeding a TB to a Knabstrupper for a pure Knabstrupper.

    Nikki C: I have changed the registration system to allow outcrossing to pure TBs in any breed that accepts all WBFSH studbooks for the sake of simplicity - but for future reference, this was really more of a new request than fixing missing information.

  • Breed: Shetland Pony
    Missing Color or Outcross Information: Splash
    Any other info: Pulled from this older MBL

    I think I have it right this time :blush: :fingers_crossed:

    Nikki C: Fixed, thank you!

  • Breed: Mustang
    Missing Color or Outcross Information: Frame Overo
    Any other info: I can also provide some examples of RL overo mustangs if needed.

    Nikki: Sorted, thank you!

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