[ENDED] Downsizing - Various Breeds

  • I've decided to downsize and refocus my stables, so these horses are for sale. The usual rules apply (don't change conformation, put up for download, etc.) I'm taking offers on these horses rather than putting prices on them, so include an offer for what you think the horse is worth in your application. To apply, PM or email your name, the name of the horse you are applying for, your email, your plans for the horse, and your offer. Email applications can be sent to albennet91@yahoo.com. Currently the only pictures I have of these horses are the pictures on their main site profiles. I might be able to provide additional pictures upon request, but this is heavily dependent on time and computer access.

    REEC Midsummer Night's Dream RETURNED TO BREEDER
    Finnish Warmblood Mare
    Eventing: 54 points (Intermediate Level)
    Show Jumping: 41 points (Preliminary Level)
    alt text
    CAS | CAS

    BHE Party Politics SOLD
    British Warmblood Mare
    Show Jumping: 18 points (Hopeful Level)
    Eventing: 41 points (Preliminary Level)
    alt text
    CAS | CAS

    Spit Fire
    Appaloosa Mare
    Eventing: 27 points (Preliminary Level)
    Dressage: 0 points (Introductory Level)
    alt text
    CAS | CAS

    PLR To Kingdom Come
    Trakehner Mare
    Eventing: 43 points (Intermediate)
    Dressage: 53 points (Fourth Level)
    alt text
    CAS | CAS

  • 3 horses left. Updated pictures, points, and show levels.

  • 2 horses added

  • CAS pictures added

  • Hi! Is PLR To Kingdom Come still available please?

  • @Deheive-Aro She's still available :slight_smile:

  • How much is Kingdom Come? I would love to buy her if I can.

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