[Ended]Bay River Park Thoroughbred Sales -OWNERS

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    ✽ Gender (unless gelding), coat and conformation may not be changed under any circumstances, unless you have contacted me.
    ✽ HD markings, clips, and other shine markings can be added/adjusted. Mane and tail style can be changed also however not colour.
    ✽Horses are not registered. Horses must be registered on the main site and via foru m with their disciplines withing 2 weeks of purchase.
    ✽ All horses are to be registered realistically and with my creator number 4328
    ✽ Do NOT upload the horse to any mass download sites!
    ✽ The coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or for templates.
    ✽ The show name may NOT be changed. Stable names may be altered.
    ✽The BP prefix must not be removed.
    ✽ These horses must go to active show homes. They must be competing in all R shows where possible.
    ✽ If you become inactive within the community for 1 ES year (4 RL month's of no posting on the forum) the horse will be reclaimed.
    ✽ Should you decide to sell the horse in the future, please notify me first.
    ✽ Add Taco into your first bid.
    ✽ We reserve the right to refuse a bid or cancel any sale for any reason we see fit.
    Rules credit to Neeve Kalford

    BP Guaranteed Gold
    alt text
    BP Shundance (58pts Flat Racing) X Red Light District (24pts Flat Racing)
    2 Bonus Points
    Colt: CAS 1| CAS 2
    Chestnut Sabiano Custom Marking

    Starting Bid: 7,500

    BP Be Smitten
    alt text
    Willow's White Gold (47pts Flat Racing) X Narritive (26pts Barrels&Poles)
    1 Bonus Point Flat Racing//1 Bonus Point Barrels&Poles
    Filly: CAS 1|CAS 2
    Bay Sabiano Custom Marking

    Starting Bid: 5,000

    Max Increase: 10,000
    Min Increase: 1,000
    Auto-Buy open until first bid is placed

  • SB BP Guaranteed Gold and BP Be Smitten

  • BP Guaranteed Gold 9k

  • All bids accepted.

    Like stated above horses do not have to follow in their sire and dams hoofprints and can go in any direction you wish :)

  • Closes in nine hours

  • I sat on it and decided.

    BP Be Smitten $6,000

  • BP Be Smitten - $7,000

  • All accepted - 4 hours left

  • BP Be Smitten $8,000

  • BP Be Smitten - $9,000

  • 45 minutes left!!!

  • BP Be Smitten $10,000

    BP Be Smitten will be going home to SERENITY GWIN
    BP Guaranteed Gold will be going him to THOMAS THORLEY

  • Sent! Thank you so much :sunglasses:

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