[Ended] Al Sahra Connections Sale: Endy Arab Offspring

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    Al Sahra is looking to condense some of its current string, and so will be selling off some of their premier stock that no longer fit into our programs. With these sales we are looking to forge new connections with other stables, though an ongoing breeding agreement so the new owners can expand their own programs. One of our core values when starting was to promote the Arabian breed, and we hope to encourage more wonderful desert horses with this sale opportunity!

    About The Sale

    • Prices are set, and new owners are chosen by application.
    • New horses will be added and updated over time.
    • Each sale is open for one week.
    • Before reselling these horses, we ask to be informed so we can either track the horse or buy it back.
    • These horses are not to be used for templates or conformation outside their foals.

    About The Horses

    • All horses come with competition experience and/or pedigree bonuses. Show names cannot be changed, stable names can.
    • All horses come with a lifetime breeding contract, allowing new owners access to all Al Sahra horses for breeding with these sale horses on request, no fee required.
    • Horses have custom coats and markings individual to them and are not to be used on others.
    • Horses shouldn't be altered outside of the addition of shine markings, but if they look completely different in your game let me know so we can fix it!

    About The Lifetime Breeding Contract

    As part of our commitment to the Arabian community on Equus, we want to forge new connections with stables dedicated to breeding Arabians, or encourage others to branch into the breed. Finding the perfect cross can be hard, so we are offering a lifetime breeding contract to access our entire herd should new owners wish to breed the horses they purchase here. No breeding fees, no applications, just contact us to discuss prospects. This contract is limited to the horses sold through our connection sale, and may exclude deceased or retired horses (for obvious reasons).

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    3 year old Arabian colt (SEA)
    Wild bay
    Endurance 40 Miles (4), 24 points earned
    3rd generation
    Receives +14 endy
    Gives +6 endy bonus

    Asking: $20,000

    Amun was a big foal, and has grown into a full bodied young stallion full of personality. A bit of a show off and occasionally stubborn, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body and can be easily motivated by attention and treats. He can come across as a handful to new riders as he is a very vocal, active horse in the paddock, and carries on snorting and calling out to any nearby horse or person in the vicinity. This is nothing if not a cry for attention, and he's all bark and no bite. We think he will need to really connect with an individual rider to bring out his potential, as his sometimes contrary nature results in a lack of focus in training.

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    3 year old Arabian filly(SEA)
    Endurance 40 Miles (4), 29 points earned
    3rd generation
    Receives +14 endy, +7 flat racing
    Gives +5 endy bonus

    Asking: $25,000

    Stella has always been a dainty little filly with a heart of gold. Shy and at times insecure, she's often at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder, and as a result requires a gentle and patient touch to see her potential. She will require some work to improve her anxiety issues, which have caused issues at competitions in the past where she will become worked up and lathered even upon arriving to the venue.

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    How to apply

    Please reply below with your stable's application. The applications will close on the 23rd of September. You may wish to include:

    • Your stable's background, any current programs etc.
    • Additional details about showing and breeding program suitability
    • How long you have been a member for
    • Why you are particularly interested in the horse
    • Additional details about your stable's Arabian program

    While preference is given to stables with an established Arabian program, those looking to start are encouraged to apply.

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    Foxton Farms is a newly built breeding program in Australia for Arabian’s and Arabian Derivatives, we are solely focused on improving the Arabian breed. Our Arabian lines are

    Our Arabian lines are largely straight egyptian. We breed towards a with presence and beauty, with an enthusiastic personality, and a trainable intelligent mind.

    We aim to breed a horse of classic Arabian type; we feel what seem to be lacking in many modern purebreds is the huge dark eye, long necks and good correct legs and feet. We aim to produce beautiful Arabians exhibiting athleticism, fluid ground-covering movement and true Arabian type.

    We have a very new breeding program which is awaiting its first foals on the ground in September. We are still sourcing suitable breeding mares.

    Even though Foxton Farms is a newly established facility, we have been here for several years, roughly 6, within the community.

    We are looking for mares who have either retired from competition and or are close to retirement to join our breeding mares, Blondie stuck out to us due to her successful career in both flat racing and endurance - both of these disciplines are being focussed on within the Foxton Farms breeding program.
    We would we would love to add her to our mare line and begin bettering our future foals.
    We are hoping her nature will help bring balance to some of our stallions.

    Foxton Farms believes she will be a major asset to our program.

  • Thank you all for your applications so far! Based on the entries we have received, we would like to congratulate @Erin-Cooke and Foxton Farms on their purchase of Sahra Suhaylah Shalimar.

    We found that Foxton's attention to the SEA strain and type to match our own stable ideals, as is the emphasis on mares as the centre of any good breeding program. Our research further into your program was also encouraging, as you seem interested in fostering new bloodlines rather than chasing established families. We hope that Blondie can continue to flourish and reach new career heights at your stables, and we can't wait to hear about her future highlights as an athlete and as a breed ambassador.

    On a broader note, we encourage applicants not to be shy about posting publically - our goals here are to ensure that these horses are being homed with the best possible match. While the quality of your applications are always appreciated, ultimately there's no information you can appropriate from another application that would sway that decision. We want to maintain that transparency by posting brief feedback like the above to outline our decision making process for each sale.

    We hope you all enjoy our next offering: Sahra Layliyyah.

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    Affectionately known as Blondie, Suhaylah was one of the earliest Al Sahra imports, forming a part of its starting roster. Brought on as a yearling, and shown to success in association shows, she was always notorious for being a tad reactive and not thinking things through. Originally trained in flat racing before moving to endurance, she has mellowed somewhat from her youth as she has grown into a fine young mare in her peak. She has crossed well with a number of our stallions, but her lines are similar to a number of our other founding mares, meaning she never saw her peak potential as a part of our program.

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    Liya was bred for Al Sahra and born on our farm in one of our earliest foal crops. She has flourished into a reliable and independent young mare bursting with talent and athleticism. Virtually bombproof, and with a very dry type, she is bred for purpose over flash, and would excel in a performance home looking for their next endurance superstar to boost their string and their breeding program.

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    'Samson' was always eye catching as a youngster and has blossomed into an extremely correct young colt. Easy going and eager to please, he is a pleasure to work with if a little lazy at times. While one of the nicest horses we've bred conformation wise, he hasn't reached his full potential with us and as we have a number of his half siblings in our program, we are hoping that he can provide a boost as a flagship competition and breeding stallion in years to come to another stable.

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  • I appreciate the support guys, but please reserve comments for actual sales applications. This is not a chatter thread or a blog,

  • Ouer Stable is „Vergessene Eleganz“. As the name already lets guess we are based in Germany.
    It is a small Stahle which focuses on SEAs and gaited breeds. Main,y we are competenting in Endurance and Saddleseat. We only have 6 horses so that we still have someone spare room to voll with quality prospects. Through a fest of ouer horses also exel in Eventing.
    We are building up ouer lines and a mare with such a pedigree for sure will be a great addition. Sarai already always met ouer expections so we have high hopes for that mare.
    We aren‘t an established Programm yet and a lot of work still needs to be invested, but I am sure we can manage it.
    When I remember right, I joined May 2014, so that it are rouvhly 4.5 years.
    (I was super confused that in how to apply there still is listed Blondie, hope I am applying for the right mare. :see_no_evil: )

  • Congratulations to @Jase-Sunshine and Vergessene Eleganz on your purchase of Sahra Layliyyah! We appreciated your curated arabian program and emphasis on core disciplines, and know that Liyah will fit right in among your current herd. Take good care of her! :D

    Please enjoy our new sale horse: Sahra Ehsan.


  • Rosewood Center has recently opened our second stable, Arcadia Park, where we are focusing on horses bred for disciplines outside of "the big three" (eventing, SJ, dressage) one of our largest programs in this new stable is our Endurance project, which has many breeds but is currently dominated by Arabians and Pintabians competing in Endurance. Our program is currently dominated mostly by foundation stock, with only two mares with established pedigrees, so we are currently unable to grow as we wait for our foundations to further prove themselves. Both of the aforementioned mares are related to Fae's Lasair, who we admire greatly, but many of the Arabian studs out there for sale are also related to him. Samson has captured our attention due to his color and his new pedigree. We think he would make an excellent addition to Arcadia Park's endurance program, not only for his skills but also for his breeding potential.

    Arcadia currently breeds both SEA and Crabbet strains, with both strains also having breeding potential with our colorful Pintabians. Arcadia is not entirely established yet, so Sampson would definitely help us make a name for ourselves.

    This account has been active with Equus since April 2017, but I was also a member for several years beginning back around 2013.

  • The time has come that we have scaled the horse sales on various platforms, the usual being horse deals and Facebook; oddly enough most of our recent purchases have been via social media.
    We have come to the decision that two of our main competition stallions are due for retirement and continue with their breeding duties so we are on the lookout for an up and coming young stallion to fill the shoes of not one but two stallions here at Foxton Farms.
    Our searching took us on many trips across country, but we haven't found the right horse to fit the job, until we made an unexpected trip to Al Sahra, a fellow Arabian breeder, whom of which we purchased Blondie, our exciting new broodmare prospect.
    We wanted something with wow factor and Sahra Ehsan, showed just that. Conformationly faultless, and a real look at me presence, he somewhat reminded us of our recent retiree, Rebound, but maybe with a little less spunk.
    Sampson is a defiantly a horse we would be interested in introducing into our breeding and more importantly our competition program, being already so accomplished in his chosen disciplines, we are more than excited to see how far he can go and how much he can offer to our breeding program in the future.
    Sampson is looking more and more ideal for our future plans; conformation, looks, mind set, work ethic, he is would defiantly be a huge step up for us in our own program. We are not sure what else we can provide, we just hope our past experiences are enough to give Sampson a great home and the best hopes for him to excel.

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    Al Sahra Arabians,

    I joined Equus in 2011, and immediately started up a stock horse and Arabian program. The Arabian program was small in the beginning, with a facility that held enough stalls for 8 horses, and a meager sign labeled Bellewood Arabians (BWA). In the beginning, it was Joshua (Lainey's husband) who wanted to keep the family focused on western disciplines and Quarter Horses. They disagreed, but it was Joshua's money and the cash the stocks brought in that forced the issue. It soon became clear, that the couple had more issues than a difference in horses (it seemed Joshua liked tall blonds). After only a three year marriage the two split. It was a difficult time for Lainey, but luck smiled on her when she met Jeremy Silva, one of the most renowned jockeys on the track. He was able to see the potential in the Arabian filly, Karnival, Lainey had purchased and from there the story takes off.

    Soon after this meeting, Karnival won her first race, then another, then another, and became one of the top winning Arabian flat racers. Hi-Rise Racing was born. Hi-Rise currently holds 9 International Flat Racing champions, 7 National champions, and many other assorted titled racers, including Thoroughbreds. Bellewood Arabians was soon after changed into Pheasant Hollow, expanding into the sport horse world. It was only recently that we have expanded into the Endurance world, a couple of years after purchasing a breeding to the renowned stallion Lasair and crossed him with an endurance bred mare Lainey had shown in Ranch Versatility. The result was Ladornas, the start of their budding endurance program which has grown from one horse to almost 20 and are going to be ready to make our first line of foals soon.

    It is very difficult to find a stallion that does not cross back into the great Lasair, and as Lainey's endurance program is still getting its feet, Samson would be a perfect addition. In recent months, she has made careful purchases of top quality mares with excepetional pedigrees and proven show careers. It has been a difficult task to also find a young stallion whom also fits that criteria and Samson most certainly does. He also happens to come with a duel bonused pedigree in dressage which would benefit the small string of dressage arabians that Lainey has slowly cultivated over time. Samson's pedigree and proven show carreer would make him an invaluable asset, and an opporunity that could not be passed up.

    I hope this letter provides you with the information you were looking for and allows Pheasant Hollow to remain in the running for such an outstanding colt. Thank you for your time. We patiently await your response.



    Lainey Hendrix

  • Administrators

    About Us:

    Whippoorwill Estate was founded in May of 2016. Since then, we have focused our efforts on showcasing, promoting, and improving the Arabian breed. Our focus is on the Crabbet strain, but we also pride ourselves on keeping high-quality SEA stock available to breed into our main line to ensure a strong variety of bloodlines. Our string is currently very small, only 13 horses, because we take pride in choosing only the best of the best to include in our small program. This gives us ample opportunity to pay individual attention to each horse, and ensures that each breeding match is the absolute best for carrying on our lines. We feel Samson undoubtedly has what it takes to join our program- boasting an impressive pedigree, unrivaled looks, and a successful show record, and at only 4 years old, he still has his best years to live. With us, he would continue his Endurance career as that is our focus discipline, and he would likely begin a career in Eventing to match our current string and ensure his foals have as much promise and potential as possible. After what would certainly be a successful Eventing career, he would retire back into Dressage until he had full titles there as well.
    Currently, Whippoorwill is moving towards a stallion-based program for our Arabians and Pintabians- We keep a few hand-chosen mares at home to continue our own breeding, but with a focus on well-bred and strongly competing stallions with which to offer to the wider community to further promote the quality of the Arabian breed as a whole. Samson would absolutely be an incredible addition to this goal, and as our second Straight Egyptian stallion we expect he would enjoy profound success and popularity as a breeding stallion.
    We would be thrilled to accept Samson into our own lines as well as share him with the community, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to apply for this one-of-a-kind stallion.

  • Thank you everyone for your high quality applications! Choosing a new home for Samson was a difficult task as many worthy programs have put their best feet forward, however we feel Samson's natural affiliation towards dressage would fit in best at Pheasant Hollow with @Lainey-Hendrix . Congratulations! Samson was sold for a price of $35,000, and will be shipped over to Pheasant Hollow to start his new career there shortly. For those of you looking for endurance mounts, a new sales offering will be opening soon!

  • New sale offerings are up! Sahra Shaheena and Sahra Amun Ra represent some of the best potential of Al Sahra's endurance program, both coming with strong bloodlines that would benefit any budding endurance string. Please apply for these horses below, prices are firm.

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  • About us:
    Kronborg Stables was founded in the year 2017 in England, but we’ve a way longer breeding experience with Trakehners which is going back in the year 2013. Ronan Dhall ist he head and manager of the facilities and after a few months of thoughts we decided in the whole team that we want to add the Arabian breed into our Stables. We started to search for good SEA mares and stallions, which could be a good base to start our new breeeding program. A short time after that we found good lines to start our breeding programs with the goal to improve the Arabian breed and some rare Tarkehner lines of ours.
    Our Arabians are currently showing in Endurance, Liberty and in the big english disciplines like Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing to get along with different talented bloodlines. We hope to increase our lines, thats the reason why we’re looking for new SEA horses. So as you can see we aren’t a established breeding program yet, but we are working hard to become one and we’re sure that we can manage this task. Our whole Team agreed that Sahra Amun Ra would be a perfection addition to our team. Not only because of his pedigree he would be a good supplement. The Endurance team would be very happy to welcome such a beautiful stallion with his own personality, who already got the first experiences of showing in Endurance and where his own rider could build up a strong bond. So they could improve together. Also we've already two lovely youngster which has some Sahra lines in their pedigrees. They're absolutely sweethearts with their characters and their whole appearance, so we're sure that we could came along with him pretty good.
    We’re sure that we’d have a long way to go and work with him, but we want to give him the chance for his hopefully forever home and become a star in our Arabian program. In the next time he would stay with our other show horses until he has settled down and collected enough experience in the show ring until he'd used in our breeding program. Of course he's a high hope for us and our whole Arabian program.

    I joined this Community two years ago.

  • Congratulations to @Erin-Cooke on winning Sahra Shaheena and to @Ronan-Dhall on winning Sahra Amun Ra. I hope that these two outstanding young horses find fantastic success in your barns! We can't wait to see what they will do next. :)

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