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    Name: Lethifret
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=24038
    Breed: Arabian (SEA)
    Discipline 1: Endurance - 196pts (+13)
    Discipline 2: Ridden Showing - 1pt
    Other: Has 196pts in TREC (over +4)
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $39,300

    alt text
    Name: Holmgard's Saragon
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=26311
    Breed: Arabian (SEA)
    Discipline 1: Endurance - 138pts (9+)
    Discipline 2: Ridden Sowing - 81pts (2+)
    Other: -
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $21,900


    alt text
    Name: Absolon CF
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=35929
    Breed: Akhal-Teke
    Discipline 1: Eventing - 15pts
    Discipline 2: Show Hunters - 8pts
    Other: -
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $2,300


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  • This post is deleted!

  • We're reintroducing our breeding stallions, this time also bringing some of our mares into our breeding lot :heart:

    Come take a look at the horses we have for breeding this breeding season, offering both Traditional and BIY breedings from both our mares and stallions :heart_exclamation:

  • Decided to update this and put our stallions back up for BIY breeding!

    Have a browse at our available stallions :heart:

  • Is Lethifret gonna offer a full +5 ridden showing bonus one day? :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford he might quite possibly, yes :wink:

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