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    General Rules
    • Fees will need to be sent before the breeding is to start, just to ensure fees are received at the end
    • My stallions and mares files will not be provided for BIY breedings, so please do not ask for them
    • Once slots fill up, said stallion is not for breeding until further notice.
    • I cant reserve slots for people, so its a first in best dressed situation.
    • There are two posts, one for each stables stallions and mares. Each stable carries a different prefix/suffix.
    • Horses will come with custom markings (if Traditional)
    • Horses will be sent with a mainsite (if Traditional).
    Traditional Breeding Rules
    • Please do not use the offsprings coat or conformation as a template for another horse.
    • Do not alter major parts of the coat or conformation.
    • Shine and detail markings, as well as mane and tail styles may be adjusted to your liking's.
    • As this is a traditional breeding, our prefix and suffix (either 'S' or 'Holmgard's') must stay. Do not add your own.
    • Please only apply if you plan to keep the horse active. Either whats the point of the breeding!
    • If you wish to resell the offspring, please send me a message before you do so.
    • Breedings should take no longer than 2 weeks to complete. If longer a message will be sent out beforehand allowing notice.
    • We have the rights to refuse a breeding at any point in time.
    • I will need a clear image of the mare being provided.
    • If you would like to use a mare and a stallion of mine, add up their costs together and that will be the fee.
    BIY Rules
    • You are responsible for creating the offspring, i will not be making the foals as this is a BIY option.
    • My stallions will only be producing one foal per breeding slot. This means no twins.
    • Since i wont be creating the offspring, please only use your prefix/suffix. Do not add any of mine
    • There is no activity or show requirements, so use the offspring as you wish.
    • Fees must be sent to me once the breeding has been approved.
    • Please also make sure you have enough fees to continue with the breeding before you apply.
    • You are welcome to use a mare and or a stallion of mine. Just tally the fees if you use both

    Fees are calculated $100 for every point

    If you would like to purchase a BIY breeding slot from one of our mares or stallions, please PM or DM me for a slot.
    If you would like a traditional breeding (done by me) from one of our stallions or a pairing of one of our mares and stallions, please fill out the small form below and i will get back to you :heart:

    Traditional breedings are currently unavailable


    alt text
    Name: Durango S
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=21258
    Breed: Dutch Warmblod
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping - 126pts
    Discipline 2: Dressage - 2pt
    Other: Has 112pts in Eventing
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $24,000

    alt text
    Name: Backstreet Bay
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=28308
    Breed: American Warmblood
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping - 20pts
    Discipline 2: Dressage - 16pts
    Other: Has 85pts in Eventing and 46pts in Ridden SHowing
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $16,700

    alt text
    Name: Pss Leggo
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=30605
    Breed: Trakehner
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping - 16pts
    Discipline 2: Dressage - 91pts
    Other: Has 66pts in Eventing
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $17,300

    alt text
    Name: Bertone S
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=35163
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping - 10pts (+4)
    Discipline 2: Dressage - 6pt
    Other: Has 1pt in Eventing
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $3,700

    alt text
    Name: RW Drunk Dial
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=35207
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood
    Discipline 1: Show Jumping - 22pts
    Discipline 2: Dressage - 15pts (+4)
    Other: -
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $6,500


    alt text
    Name: Lethifret
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=24038
    Breed: Arabian (SEA)
    Discipline 1: Endurance - 197pts (+13)
    Discipline 2: Ridden Showing - 1pt
    Other: Has 196pts in TREC (over +4)
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $39,400

    alt text
    Name: Holmgard's Saragon
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=26311
    Breed: Arabian (SEA)
    Discipline 1: Endurance - 139pts (9+)
    Discipline 2: Ridden Sowing - 81pts (2+)
    Other: -
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $22,000


    alt text
    Name: Absolon CF
    Mainsite: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=35929
    Breed: Akhal-Teke
    Discipline 1: Eventing - 16pts
    Discipline 2: Show Hunters - 9pts
    Other: -
    Slots: 0/5
    Cost: $2,500


  • Reserved

  • This post is deleted!

  • Come take a look at the horses we have for breeding this season, offering BIY breedings from our stallions :heart_exclamation:

  • Decided to update this and put our stallions back up for BIY breeding!

    Have a browse at our available stallions :heart:

  • Is Lethifret gonna offer a full +5 ridden showing bonus one day? :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford he might quite possibly, yes :wink:

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