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    Hey guys! I thought we could compile a few of the handy things we're all learning as we make ourselves at home on here.

    Here are a few things I've picked up:

    Change your forum home page

    If there is one page you care about the most, or want to check most often, you can set it as your home page!
    Some ideas might be your Unreads page, or your 'See All Notifications' page. (Or maybe that auction you need to keep an eye on! You can always change it again later.)
    To do this, go to your profile and hit the menu button to get to your settings.
    Under 'Select a Home Page' either pick the one you want or, if it's not there, click 'Custom' and, in a new tab, quickly zip over to your favorite page and get the link. We only want the part after forum URL, so paste that last part in the text box below.
    Voila! Now when you load up the forum, or click the big EQUUS | Forum header, you'll go straight there!
    remove the part that's the forum url:
    Insert that into the text box to go straight to your notifications list when you load the forum!

    Use Google to search our forum

    We don't have a search built into our forum but there are a few nifty tricks you can learn to use the ALL POWERFUL GOOGLE SEARCH to dig through it!
    The google function we want to use is called site: You can give it a website and type your keywords afterwards and it'll search only that site for you.
    site: Thoroughbred will get you all mentions of Thoroughbred on our forum. Handy! But what if you want to only search for thoroughbreds for sale?
    We can give google the web page of our sales board to only get results from there. How about this: site: Thoroughbred Stallion
    This will get us every post in the sales board which has the words Thoroughbred and Stallion.
    You can use this trick for any website, and in combination with any other tricks you might know.

    I hope these help you on your forum adventures.
    Please reply below with any tips you know!

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