[Ended] Arabian Stallion

  • Banned


    • You may not change the horse's show name; you may change its barn name.
    • You may not change or delete the prefix or add your own.
    • You may not modify the horse's coat or conformation
    • Do not upload the horse's file for mass download.
    • Please keep him active, he must go to a show home and if he is not active I will take him back.
    • Janne Mikelsen has full rights to refuse a sale.
    • If you wish to sell the horse in the future, you must message me as I may want the horse back.
    • If you break any of the rules stated, you will void the sale, I will take the horse back and you will not be receiving any horses from me again
    • In your first bid put "Arab"
      MSS Por Fin Te Encontre

    .Breed: Arabian
    Gender: Stallion
    DOB: 04/16
    Color: Dapple Bay
    Genotype: Ee/Aa
    Height: 14.1hh hh
    Discipline: Endurance
    Discipline2: Flat Racing
    Registered and has 10 pts in Flat Racing
    He isn't a foundation but he doesn't get pts from the parents because he isn't in the same discipline as them.



    SB - $5,000
    Min bid - $1,000
    Autobuy is available if the horse doesn't have a bid

  • Development Committee

    What strain of Arabian is he?

  • Banned


    I can't really remember but I think he is a SEA

  • Development Committee

    SB on this Arab then

  • Banned

    Bid accepted 😊

  • Banned

    Congratulations X-Tina on winning the auction I'll be sending you a DM very shortly

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