Lexi's Leasing Service{Accepting horses now}

  • Good Morning,
    Welcome to Lexi's Leasing services
    after a Long discussion and Ideas from wonderful people in the Community, i decided that i would open up a Show Leasing services, as i Quite Enjoy it. i have no Restraints on what shows to Enter, Right now i am set up for both Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing. But If there is Other disciplines, Let me know.

    Here is the Link to my Spreadsheet**{ here }** For Avaliablities

    Per Lease Per Month =1000$
    Completely Randomized shows

    Let them Flow.

  • Administrators

    Is this just for randomized shows or does this also include entering the RP phases of C shows?

  • Randomized. Sorry.

  • Small Bump. MANY slots open. Would love to help everyone out

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