[ENDED] Titled hanoverian dressage mare

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    • Do not remove her prefix or add your own in her name. You may change her BARN name.
    • You are allowed to adjust shine and shading to fit your coat hd mod (I'm using Dana HD coat mod), but not change the entire coat - a black horse should stay black. Missing markings (head + legs) are okay to be replaced with similar ones in case you lost her ordinary ones.
    • You are allowed to change STYLE on mane and tail, not the color.
    • You are NOT allowed to put her up for public or private download, the exception is for leasing or co-owning the horse
    • Which TV-Show character is your favourite.
    • You are NOT allowed to use her confo or coat as base for other horses.
    • If you can't keep her anymore, contact me first before you sell her, I might want to buy her back.
    • Active homes are preferable.
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    LMEC have decided to sell one of our young dressage talents; LMEC Samara. She is a promising 6,5 y/o 3rd gen hanoverian who currently competes in PSG (L7). She has, at the moment, 80 pts under her belt. Samara is sired by CDC Solaris and out of WRC Athena. She recieves 16 pedigree bonus points in dressage and once she is fully titled she will recieve 20 in total.

    The best way to describe her would be: She's a total mare! A very typical mare-ish mare. She has a lot of diva attitude and will tell you if you've done something to upset her. She isn't mean but can be a bit of a kicker when you brush her tail as she's very sensitive to getting the hairs pulled on. Under saddle Samara also has a very sensitive mouth so she is the most comfortable with very soft bits and as her rider you should be riding with a gentle hand. She is very willing to learn new things and will always try her best in any task you set in front of her.

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    Asking price: 45.000 - For the perfect home I can go a bit lower

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  • Lifting this up a little bit so no one misses out this opportunity to get the chance to buy a really promising dressage talent <3 Have added a link to her mainsite profile too for more info about her.

  • This sale ends in 3 days, don't miss out the chance to apply for an incredible stunning mare :heart_eyes:

  • I'd love to add her to my stable, but I don't have the budget, lol. Hope she finds a good home!

  • Sale have now ended! Will announce her new owner in few days, thanks for showing interest for this gorgeous mare :heart_eyes:

  • If I may have your attention; I have something to tell you all! Please give us a drumroll....


    Now! After thinking back and forth for several days I've finally made up my mind. It hasn't been easy, let me tell you! There were some amazing apps but finally I have made the decision about who the new lucky owner of Samara will be...

    @Neeve-Kalford !

    Please send me a DM on slack when you have seen this ^^

    And a massive thanks to all of you that have applied in this sale! It definitely hasn't been an easy decision to make but please don't be discouraged if you didn't get her now! There's definitely a possibility of more sales in the future <3

  • Oh my gosh YAY!!! Cant tell you how long ive wanted a horse from you! Will take good care of your baby!

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