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    2018 Summer

    I've finally decided to put my two boys up for public stud to see how the reception is to them. They all still showing so their points and therefore pedigree bonuses will increase with time!

    Traditional Breeding Rules :
    Both horses will be bred in game giving the resulting foal it's own unique conformation. The genetics will be as realistic as possible to enable an easy registration process. The foal will be sent to you with their 2yr old build where you are then allowed to "fill out/mature" them as they age.

    • You'll receive one copy of files foal aged six months
    • You are not allowed to put the file up for mass download or use it to make another horse.
    • Active show homes are highly desired. Please don't request a breeding if you aren't going to be serious about it.
    • You can not allowed to alter the coat (shine/detail markings don't count, everyone's taste is different) or use the coat for another a horse.
    • You can to change mane/tail styles, but not the color.
    • If you decide to sell the horse in the future, let me know! I might try to buy them off of you

    BIY Rules :
    Your mares at choice, and your stallions at choices too,

    • Mares & Stallions at choices,
    • The foals will be old 6months.
    • Your choices of names.

    Welcome all your breeding season is open

    Do not forget to put below the application form.
    !!!Crossing with warmblood only !!!

    Applications Forms :

    - Your Name : 
    - Name Stallions :
    - Name our Mares :
    - Your ID Mare + Name :
    - Name Foals : ( at choice )
    - Gender Foals :
    - Futur Plan for your futurs Foals :


    Sandro X Hérah
    Mainsite || BWP Stallion || Show Jumping +2 Pts Bonus & Halter +2 Pts Bonus || Local Champion in Sj & Halter || Stud Fee : 15.000$ ||

    Cris X Argantine
    Mainsite || Bwp Stallion || Show Jumping + 2 pts Bonus & Halter || Local Champion in SJ || Stud Fee : 12.000$||

    Savilton X Hailey
    0_1535371739322_BREEDING 2019.png
    Mainsite || BWP Mare || Show Jumping +2Pts Bonus & Halter + 2Pts Bonus || Local Champion in SJ & Halter || Stud Fee : 15.000 || ONLY TRANSFER EMBRYO


    Foundation X Foundation
    0_1535378118842_Breeding 2019.png

    Héros X Nemesis
    0_1535378180306_Breeding 2019.png

  • PROGENY 2018


    Production of 2018

    RFE Sibelle

  • Okay so I can not resist anymore!

    • Your Name : Annalena Voigt
    • Name Stallions : Samoa
    • Name our Mares : //
    • Your ID Mare + Name : I would like a BIY for my mare HRST Perlenkette
    • Name Foals : ( at choice ) I would have to think of something, but it would definitely start with S in honour of the sire. So Havel's S for now
    • Gender Foals : I think I would rather like to go for a stallion
    • Futur Plan for your futurs Foals : The foal will train and compete in Show Jumping as its main discipline, maybe with the outlook to go into Eventing, too. He will be registered as a German Sport Horse and contribute to our breeding program when he earned himself some titles.

  • @Annalena-Voigt : Accepted pm sent...

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