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  • Hi guys!
    I recently got back into CC making and took the step to try out pose making! I'm slowly getting the hang of this but I'd love to get something to share with the community done already. For this, I need your help to check what the community wants!

    What am I looking for?
    I'm looking for pictures to serve as a reference for me to create poses! For now, I can't make any difficult poses but with some more practice I might be able to get those done too in the future. My idea was to make a (non-poselisted) pack of a few poses showing the curiosity of the foal! I personally really miss these kind of poses so I hope you guys can provide me with reference material to get this going!
    Please note! this is not for private poses for you to request, just something for me to give something to the community.

    Also, here's a preview to the first pose already :wink:
    alt text

  • I know this is old, but... any pose where the foal looks like a giraffe trying to drinking/eat is so cute!
    alt text

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