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  • Welcome to Aehrenthal Warmbloods. Located in Oberösterreich, Austria we proudly focus on Austrian Warmbloods. Our facility holds up to 55 horses.

    Hunters/Jumpers: Maritza, Idonia, Landra, Lyssa, Nixie, Pepin, Rikki, Adalric, Aren, and Luki
    Eventers: Meino, Norman, Merrick, Meyer, Louis, Adalicia, Ailse, Carleigh, Eden, Elica, Isabella, and Jenu
    Dressage: Joli, Katleen, Klara, Libby, and Addie
    International Riders: Shennel(Jamaica), Abbey(USA), Rosalie(Mexico), Irene(Spain), Gabriela(Columbia), Laura(Columbia), Tatiana(Russia), Nicole(USA), Brittney(USA), Stephen(USA), Craig(UK), Elisabeth(UK), Nessa(Ireland), Bellamy(France), Fleur(France), Siena(Italy), Jarvis(Germany), and Viera(Russia)
    International Riders compete as an alternate, other than that they live around the area and offer to step in and help with training, lessons, grooming, and preparing horses, tack, and trailers for shows. They also offer to help out with any new horse that comes to our facility.

    Actively Competing Horses
    Eventing: Ararat, Klamath, Animas, Tarkio, Sabine, Yukon, Abbott, Twisted, Occuquan, Echo, Fawn, and Snow
    Hunter: Lehigh, Juniper, Pohick, Emerald, Potomac, Accokeek, Braies, and Toxaway
    Jumper: Meherrin, Oriental, Juret, Oasis, Akio, Mystic, Belmont, Clarity, Solister, Stracciatella, and Native
    Dressage: Lovelasa, Saracen, Derorah, Sebs, and Kisa
    Halter: Rollin' In Pearls

    Retired/Unable to Show Horses
    Breeding Mares/Stallions: Beebe, and Carmi
    Unable to Show: Kael, Zabella, Gladiator, Jovi, Knowhere, Spear, and Radioactive

  • I decided to do a little more in depth with the Aehrenthal family tree.

    Maritza is married to Merrick Müller but does not carry his last name(yes he is heartbroken by her choice but respects her final decision). Together they have 3 children Nessa being the oldest at the age 16, Klara being the middle child at 13, and Adalric their 12 year old adopted son from South Africa.
    Maritza has 7 other siblings. Ailse, Addie, Jenu, Louis, Meyer, and Meino.
    Aisle brought over her twins Eden and Elica, Jenu brought over her daughter Isabella, and Louise brough over his wife Katleen as well as their son Luki.

  • I honestly thought it would be HIGHLY appropriate to show off what I am working with on this new laptop(er well refurbished laptop....)

    alt text

    alt text

    I think I have my hopes too high with my laptop but I think this will work for now :) stay tuned! I hope that by the end of Sunday I have my facility finished!

  • So I'm currently just busy making some horses and I got struck with an idea...

    Why not check and see if there is a Warmblood breed(again) that has not yet been introduced into the community. Well that I did, but let me show you what I've made.

    alt text

    A Danish Warmblood Stallion for my friend Nina on Facebook. It's part of a horse trade so in return I got a beautiful Oldenburg mare <3 will show her off later.

    alt text

    A Standardbred Mare for my friend Karolina on Facebook, again part of a horse trade but haven't seen what she is brewing up for me quite yet.

    Lastly.... this is the breed that I will be adding to Aehrenthal Warmbloods(or just remove my idea of a stock horse stable forever not sure yet) A South African Warmblood for my friend Rika on Facebook, again part of a horse trade and I am just waiting to see what she is brewing up for me.

    alt text

    The template that I made the South African Warmblood on is my own template though being honest looking at it more and more it does look like my Austrian Warmblood template(but they are getting a new one). This may be released it may not be released, I probably will treasure it for a while before wanting to release it, not sure yet.

  • Keep checking back probably every hour to see my progress.

    I decided to just dedicate this single post(this one right here the one that I am working on) to my facility as I slowly rebuild it.

    What I have to show first is our training barn, located across from our indoor arena which is primarily built for dressage but can also be set up with a few jumps for those horses that are taking the belt of eventing, hunter, or jumper. This little barn can hold up to 6 horses, they do have field time during the day but tend to stay in the barn on the cold and rainy ones throughout the winter. This barn is currently houses our ponies though since the smaller field is on the front half of the property.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Our one stallion barn this barn holds up to 24 horses, 6 small fields that can hold up to 2-3 horses with shelter so they can stay out over night during the summer when it rains. Obviously it's shown with out other lot that is already completed too! I am slowly falling in love with my lots <3

    alt text

  • Your facilities are looking great!

  • Slow but steady, don't worry! Looks good!

  • I am still building but I decided to show up 2 new cuties I picked up from Cleo Swift.

    Both are related to my Ragnarok(same sire DHS Nifty Boi)

    TJS Whisperer
    alt text

    TJS I don't have a name for him yet...
    alt text

    I think they will personally enjoy their new home.

  • I made some South African Warmbloods and as I sat and focused more and more on building up Aehrenthal Warmbloods I realized that these guys seemed a bit out of place...

    So I opened a new stable(how many times you gonna do that Maritza?)

    So welcome to Ubangi Stable, with our suffix of U(I have HEAVILY doubled check everywhere I could look) it was time to set off down to South Africa for our new home.

    Murrick has been going back and forth to South Africa and has decided that maybe it would be best to purchase land down there and start his own stable. Maritza gave him her full support, knowing he will be gone for long periods of time focused on his own dreams and desires. As time went on Murrick eventually gave the stable manager Tyler full custody over the facility trusting that Tyler would keep up with the stable, which he has. Murrick still visits time to time and adores seeing the horses he has purchased over the years of operating the stable.

    Crocodile U
    Buckskin Tobiano
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Kowie U
    Dominate White
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Zambezi U
    Dark Bay
    South African Warmblood

    Arthea U
    Rose Grey Tobiano
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Vaal U
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Sabie U
    Flaxen Liver Chestnut
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Isabelt U
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Sanna U
    Dark Bay Tobiano
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    Kraai U
    South African Warmblood
    alt text

    I have a plan for December for the stocking stuffers so yeah hehe... surprise there.

  • So I was setting up stuff for December and when I made this girl I fell in love with her <3 it took me all day to realize that I just couldn't part with her. Meet Bekki U

    alt text

  • Love her conformation, she's stunning!

  • Ooh why have I not seen your blog before? TJS Whisperer and his nameless friend are both super pretty! :heart: I'll definitely try to follow this blog more! :smile:

  • Bekki is gorgeous :heart_eyes: I personally looove Palominos! Also glad to see someone promote a very rare horse breed. :D I personally, just created 2 senner for my stable.

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld the rare ones are the hardest to get their kickstart in the community too so I'm trying my best to get them all out there <3

    Thanks for the compliment everyone, personally I don't think I'd be able to part with her either. Glad I kept her and hoping she'll have a good career.

  • These are the imports you guys don't see, overall I am still holding onto my SAW guys, I have not focused on the final product of Aehrenthal Warmbloods. I just wanted to get them kicked off the ground, and eventually the stable will be as big as Aehrenthal Warmbloods(but only have SAW). I'm hoping in 2019 to have my first foal crop, I am actually planning a lot of things in 2019 but let's just finish 2018 first....

    Onto the imports lol

    Talyn U
    alt text

    alt text

    Quimico U
    alt text

    Rynstone U
    alt text

    Onto the weird thing.

    You know your life revolves around Equus when you dream about it.

  • they are beautiful! which colours are allowed though? :D

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld The classic colors(bay, black, chestnut, and grey) as well as the cream and double cream. So Rynstone is the first cremello SAW but she isn't going to be apart of Equus she's going to a facebook friend.

  • Welcome to the like first update of Aehrenthal Warmbloods that actually involve horses.

    My world with the stable has been acting out so I am rebuilding the family in a different world and will move all the horses over there once they are all added back in. A while ago, I think before I had lost my laptop, I made a mare and her twin foals. Well since it's been a few months I think it's a correct time frame to say that they have happily aged up.

    Aehrenthal's Zabella and Aehrenthal's Kael. Our 2 twin foals that we picked up when we purchased their mother Aehrenthal's Khaleesi.
    Kael is older than Zabella and is highly protective of his little sister.

    alt text

  • So first thing first, my Flashy guys~

    TJS Whisperer, TJS Pre Light and TJS Vindicator.
    Both Whisperer and Vindicated are related to Ragnarok by the same Sire, I'm excited to have half siblings
    Pre Light is a Trakehner stallion
    alt text

    Horse racing is popular in South Africa, now I have dipped in horse racing on equus but slightly lost interest(mainly because I only had 1 racer!) I am thinking of expanding Ubangi Stable from focusing on South African Warmbloods to SAW and Thoroughbreds. This is an interesting step for me since I really rather just show Thoroughbreds in Hunter, Jumper, or Eventing, but I really would like to add a small twist with Ubangi and get back into loving Thoroughbreds again(my passion for them has never changed I get waaay to excited when I get to ride a Thoroughbred IRL). So I am hoping that I don't lose interest in racing Thoroughbreds... fingers crossed maybe?

  • They are all beautiful horses:)

  • Thoroughbreds are amazing horses with all this agility and strength... ok just start with it!! :heart_eyes:

    Maybe some unusual overo thoroughbreds?? xD

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