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  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld The classic colors(bay, black, chestnut, and grey) as well as the cream and double cream. So Rynstone is the first cremello SAW but she isn't going to be apart of Equus she's going to a facebook friend.

  • Welcome to the like first update of Aehrenthal Warmbloods that actually involve horses.

    My world with the stable has been acting out so I am rebuilding the family in a different world and will move all the horses over there once they are all added back in. A while ago, I think before I had lost my laptop, I made a mare and her twin foals. Well since it's been a few months I think it's a correct time frame to say that they have happily aged up.

    Aehrenthal's Zabella and Aehrenthal's Kael. Our 2 twin foals that we picked up when we purchased their mother Aehrenthal's Khaleesi.
    Kael is older than Zabella and is highly protective of his little sister.

    alt text

  • So first thing first, my Flashy guys~

    TJS Whisperer, TJS Pre Light and TJS Vindicator.
    Both Whisperer and Vindicated are related to Ragnarok by the same Sire, I'm excited to have half siblings
    Pre Light is a Trakehner stallion
    alt text

    Horse racing is popular in South Africa, now I have dipped in horse racing on equus but slightly lost interest(mainly because I only had 1 racer!) I am thinking of expanding Ubangi Stable from focusing on South African Warmbloods to SAW and Thoroughbreds. This is an interesting step for me since I really rather just show Thoroughbreds in Hunter, Jumper, or Eventing, but I really would like to add a small twist with Ubangi and get back into loving Thoroughbreds again(my passion for them has never changed I get waaay to excited when I get to ride a Thoroughbred IRL). So I am hoping that I don't lose interest in racing Thoroughbreds... fingers crossed maybe?

  • They are all beautiful horses:)

  • Thoroughbreds are amazing horses with all this agility and strength... ok just start with it!! :heart_eyes:

    Maybe some unusual overo thoroughbreds?? xD

  • Now all three of those are such pretty horses!

    I think that there should be more racehorses and people interested in racing because it's say it's kinda dying out :/

  • So Thanksgiving has come and pass and now we are heading up to Christmas, this is always the rough time of year for families.

    We celebrated our first Thanksgiving since my dad passed, and I celebrated his 1 year anniversary of his passing with my loving boyfriend by my side. I held a straight face while talking to his parents about how my mother cried at my older sister's wedding(which was earlier this year in April) and how my older sister's bouquet had a pendent on it with a picture of my dad.

    My mother managed to make it through Thanksgiving being the strong woman I know she truly is, but dinner felt so empty without my dad there to crack jokes, so my mother picked up on the slack there. As we slowly approach Christmas my boyfriend I dedicated a day to decorate my mother's Christmas tree and uncovered the ornament I picked out for my mother that had my dad's name on it and everything. I asked if she wanted to hang it up but she declined(being so preoccupied with my twin sister as she was unfairly fired from her job) I asked my sister and brother if they wanted to hang it up and they also declined. So I put it up and felt sadness flow through my body realizing this will be our 2nd Christmas that he isn't here to start our traditional wrapping paper fight, but we made it through last year and we will do it again this year.

    So I currently sit here listening to Canon in D(The song my older sister had play while she walked down the aisle) and all I pictured is my mother's face trying to hold herself together before handing off her oldest daughter to her new husband.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

  • So if you haven't done so already I'd make your way over to @Luke-Teth and @Nicole-Löffler Stocking Stuffers and get their recent mods that they put out.

    Oh let me show off a new Appy, she's for sale but pending maybe

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I did they are both awesome mods, my horses look so good because of them :D

  • Aehernthal's Meherrin got a nice coat update, she use to have a huge star on her face, I've fixed it so it's now a tiny star, she is also the sassiest horse on property.

    alt text

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