{ENDED} Triple Young-stock Auction

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    (im sorry my auction threads are never 'pretty' but i honestly dont know how to be friends with the center option, so please bear with me until one day i can get it working :sweat_smile: )

    Welcome to our Triple Young-stock Auction. Today our three leading and only stables have come together to bring to you their newest additions to our lines, allowing the public to withhold one of them. Our three stables focus and strive in many different disciplines and focus on different breeds, producing the best stock we can with our lines.
    Today we have 3 young stallions, mainsite and competition registered all ready for their new home. Owners are welcome to change disciplines. We ask that as a buyer you follow and respect out rules.
    This auction ends on the 30th of September, and any bids placed on that day will turn into an ends 24hrs ALB for said horse.

    I will be checking this thread daily so if i up-vote your bid it means it has been accepted, and i will update the leading bids as soon as possible.

    (A big thank you to Xi Li for helping me with the horses bonuses)


    • Coat or conformation may not be tweaked or changed. You may only adjust shine markings due to different HD mods.
    • You must keep my prefixes and suffixes. Please keep their names although you're welcome to change their barn names.
    • Please active show homes only.
    • If markings are missing please dont hesitate to message me. I will do my best to help you track anything thats missing down.
    • Please notify me when you plan to sell the horse as most of the time i buy them back.
    • Feel free to DM me with any questions or comments :heart:

    Starting Bid For All Horses Is $6,000
    Minimum Bid Increase is $1,000
    There Is No Maximum Bid Increase
    There Is No Autobuy

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    Arabian (SEA) Stallion
    ( Lethifret x VAR Valeria )

    Karam is a bold and athletic boy who has a great bloodline in his background. He strives in both his disciplines and is a competitive horse, along with a fine nature. He is a glorious stallion and would be perfect for someones show team or an ddition to someones breeding program.

    Endurance: +12 Bonuses
    TREC: +10 Bonuses

    alt text
    alt text

    alt text alt text alt text

    Dutch Warmblood Stallion
    ( EWE November Rain x Lily's Dream S )

    Ortrun is a majestic (and quite a big) horse that is an absolute rocket. He never fails to disappoint and always is a quick learner. He has a wonderful pace and is easy to obtain a nice seat. He would work well as a competitor as he cant stand but to show off.

    Show Jumping: +15 Bonuses
    Eventing: +11 Bonuses
    Dressage: +4 Bonuses

    alt text
    alt text

    alt text alt text alt text

    Throughbred Stallion
    ( NET Runaway Mistery x Runaway Bride J )

    Flame is a large and strong horse, and has such a beautiful temperament. Sometimes it can be a shock seeing him change from a quite, placid horse to one that is down the track within a few small seconds. Being our first bred TB from our new stable, he is certainly one to feast your eyes upon.

    Flat Racing: +5 Bonuses

    Holmgard's Karam Christine Taylor $12,000
    Ortrun S Sir Kane $32,000
    Abia Flame A Blake Bellanaris $10,000

    Happy bidding :heart:

  • Banned

    SB on Ortrun S! <3

  • SB for NET Abia Flame

  • SB on Karam

  • 7k Ortrun S :)

  • 7k NET Abia Flame

  • All bids accepted! Leading bids have been added to the main post :)

  • 8k Otrun S

  • 9k Ortrun S :slight_smile:

  • 10 k Ortrun S

  • Leading bids updated! :slight_smile:

  • 11k Ortrun S

  • Accepted :)

  • Karam 7k <3

  • Accepted!

  • Administrators

    NET Abia Flame - 10k

  • Ortrun S- 12k

  • Accepted! Leading bids updated :)

  • Ortrun S - 13k

  • Ortrun S- 14k

  • Ortrun S - 15k

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