Stall Nuiva ◊ [18th of June] The most handsome youngsters, ever!

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    In the heart of the Finnish Lakeland locates the Wallengaard Stable Complex, including three stables focusing on different breeds of horses. The main one, Stall Nuiva, I founded to breed more fabulous Finnhorses to the Equus Community. Finnhorses are our passion and so will they remain!

    Eloyard, which was also known as Wallengaard EC, is the remaining part of our late, grand warmblood barn known as Boltzmann Stud. When I found myself more interested in native breeds, I sized down Boltzmann Stud and changed the name to a more simple one. The name was then changed to Eloyard since the old name wouldn't have worked in the future. Now Eloyard focuses on showing warmbloods rather than breeding them, but we still have many of these sporty horses - We just couldn't leave the grand arenas behind us!

    The newest addition to the complex is Gemini Shetlands. Like mentioned before, I found myself getting more and more interested in native breeds and especially in Shetland ponies. Gemini Shetlands is meant to start breeding these wonderful ponies in a very slight manner - We currently only have two ponies and aren't looking for more right now.

    So, this is how we roll right now. Together with my husband, Lucas Ek-Wallengaard, I run this stable complex but we're rather unsure about it's future right now. We'll see where life will lead us, but I perhaps could advice you to watch the sales if you're interested in any of our horses! * wink wink *


    Asteroidi Finnhorse, s. 1st Grey (Black) Dressage
    Metsätähti Finnhorse, s. 1st Cremello Show jumping
    Murheenkryyni Finnhorse, s. 1st Flaxen Liver Chestnut Dressage
    Nuivan Aleksis Finnhorse, s. 3rd Black (splashed white) Eventing
    Nuivan Hallayö Finnhorse, m. 1st Flaxen Chestnut Show jumping
    Nuivan Iki-Kipinä Finnhorse, m. 2nd Silver Bay Dressage
    Nuivan Kastehelmi Finnhorse, m. 2nd Bay Dressage
    Nuivan Laivastotuuli Finnhorse, s. 1st Grey (Chestnut) Eventing
    Nuivan Sibelius Finnhorse, s. 1st Chestnut (sabino) Eventing
    Nuivan Sävellys Finnhorse, s. 2nd Flaxen chestnut (sabino) Eventing
    Nuivan Talvisotilas Finnhorse, s. 1st Bay Eventing
    Nuivan Varjostaja Finnhorse, m. 2nd Black Eventing
    Nuivan Viiltohaava Finnhorse, m. 1st Bay Dressage
    Nuivan Viimatar Finnhorse, m. 2nd Chestnut Dressage
    R.M. Jaime Finnhorse, s. 2nd Flaxen Chestnut Show jumping
    Suometar Finnhorse, m. 1st Bay (splashed white) Show jumping
    Afterthought British Warmblood, s. 1st Chestnut (sabino, tobiano) Show jumping
    Amnesia av Eloyard Westphalian, m. 2nd Grey (Black) Dressage
    Broudein's Lanveina Hanoverian, m. 2nd Sooty black Eventing
    Galantis av Eloyard Westphalian, s. 3rd Grey (Chestnut) Show jumping
    Gambit av Eloyard Westphalian, s. 2nd Liver chestnut Eventing
    Farcry Westphalian, s. 1st Chestnut Dressage
    Khronos IX Westphalian, s. 1st Chestnut Show jumping
    Kippling av Eloyard Westphalian, s. 2nd Chestnut Show jumping
    Lapis Lazuli Dutch Warmblood, s. 1st Roan buckskin Show jumping
    Llamrei V Oldenburg, m. 1st Chestnut Eventing
    Moral Code Westphalian, s. 1st Black (tobiano) Eventing
    RDEC Strasbourg Dutch Warmblood, s. 2nd Grey (Black) Show jumping
    Venovan Seven Westphalian, m. 1st Black Dressage
    Winterkill British Warmblood, s. 1st Buckskin (tobiano) Show jumping
    Monarchy GEM Shetland pony, s. 1st Grey (Black) Halter
    Mimosa GEM Shetland pony, m. 1st Seal brown Halter
    Comments are welcomed!

  • Now it's my turn to comment that "yayyy you're here"! :D Can't wait to see your pics (please spoil me with your Finnhorseys!) and I was hearts in eyes when I saw Jaime in your header :heart_eyes: Consider yourself stalked from now on!

  • Thank you @Luna-Andrews :yellow_heart: I might be a little quiet here but remember to stalk me on Equus-Sims too! :blush:

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    I haven't really had time to do anything on the Equus, but in search for some photos in my files I rushed into these older photos of my youngsters. I have no idea when did I take these pictures, but I like them and I haven't shown you these darlings after leaving the foal and yearling years behind. These pictures have only been resized and cropped since I still used ReShade back then.

    Kippling EY
    Westphalian stallion
    (Had to crop this annoyingly because his hooves had cropped out from the original photo, boohoo)
    alt text

    Nuivan Aleksis
    Finnhorse stallion
    alt text

    Nuivan Kastehelmi
    Finnhorse mare
    alt text

    Nuivan Iki-Kipinä
    Finnhorse mare
    alt text

  • Nuivan Iki-Kipinä is a pretty gal! Such a lovely colour. :heart_eyes:

  • Gorgeous youngsters :two_hearts:

  • Beautiful youngsters, indeed. If I have to pick a favorite then this is for sure Kippling. Not only do I love his name but also his headshape and his stunning bright chestnut coat (plus, he's a westphalian and I am slightly biased)

  • @Quinn-Monroe Thank you, I'm quite keen on her myself too! Her color is just so extraordinary.

    @Luna-Andrews Thank you love :heart_decoration:

    @Aliisa-Pohl Kippling thanks you! I like his coat too, quite a mix between his dam's fire red coat and his sire's more calm chestnut coat. :grin:

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    One very dear friend of mine, @Luna-Andrews, has been asking for a picture of Nuivan Hallayö for ages, since I probably have seemed like I had totally forgot the dam of Nuivan Habelius, the Nuiva eventer Luna has made so successful. (Psst! You should totally go spot other Nuiva offspring in Luna's blog.)

    So I decided to put a camera to Lucas' hands and drag him to the riding hall with us. I had a lazy day with Halla - Sometimes it's just so good to leave the saddle out, remove the noseband, use a gentle snaffle bit and just do some basic ground work to keep the horse flexible and spry.

    Nuivan Hallayö

  • Yay my prayers have been heard!! ;-D Why on earth you have hidden this pretty mare for so long? Look her pretty face, that little star makes her face even more adorable than it already is. I love how full of light your arena is and those letters on the wall crown the whole thing! Plus your edits are gorgeous as always. Now I need to see more... ;) <3

  • So cute and beautiful horses. And amazing edit! <3

  • Thanks you two! :heart:

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    Even though many stables in Finland already have their riding arenas clear of snow and turnout rugs put away, the eastern parts still have full winter. But we don't mind, because the sun is already warming us Nordics and summer will arrive no matter what. :sunny:

    Because of Kaneli being sick today, I decided to take her usual mount Metsätähti with me to the woods. It had just snowed, so the ground wasn't slippery at all and when the sunlight hit the feather-light snowflakes flying in the wind, it was pure magic. We tried to create a little spring fever with the green saddlepad but I think we have to wait for a few weeks more!

    'Sälli' is a cremello Finnhorse stallion competing in show jumping.


  • What a gorgeous stallion :heart:

  • What a fluffy handsomeness he is! Can't wait to get a baby by him <3 And ahahah so great you finally managed to take this pic (still laughing to that "vituttava lehtipuu" part :rofl: )!

  • Competition Committee

    I think this is my favorite stallion you own! I love double creams so much and the pale green saddle pad looks very striking on him!

  • What a stunner! Merika has arrived to us safetly and is slowly accomodating, she found a pasture friend already :) I'll post an update with her soon.

  • He is so handsome and that picture is stuning I love all the little snow flakes !

  • @Luna-Andrews I indeed did eventually succeed :laughing: Can't wait to see Sälli's first offspring :heart:

    @Constantine-Vale Thank you! I can't wait to hear about Merika! :smile:

    @Johanna-Masters @Levi-Rosenthal Sälli thanks you :heart:

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    I'm aware I'm known to babble about my first Finnhorse Nuivan Sibelius all the time and to everyone, but he just keeps amazing me. My horses have been on a show hiatus since the forum change (Or perhaps even before that because I can't really recall when was the last time I took part in a randomized show!) and now that I was updating my horse records before entering the current eventing show, I noticed something marvellous.

    My dear Sibelius has reached 207 points in eventing, meaning he's the first Finnhorse to reach the title Eventing International Champion. Only one of my horses is ahead of him regarding points and that is my very first Equus horse, soon-to-be retired Khronos IX. Sibelius also just filled 14 years, so he has a few show years still in front of him!

    I'm endlessly proud of this horse's success and I'm proud that he is the progenitor of one of the most successful Finnhorse bloodlines!

    Psst, Sibelius is open for stud this season for all Finnhorse mares of all strains, so DM me if you're interested!

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  • Sipuliiii!! <3 Let me give you some biiig bags of carrots with his name on them to congratulate on this amazing achievement of his! He is still one of my favourite stallions around this community and has already proven himself as an amazing sire as well, so I can strongly recommend this stallion for mare owners. 5/5 stars!

    PS. I love how often you post now! Keep them coming even yo-kirjoitukset are over soon and you no longer need an escape from them ;)

  • I really love your photobook! Shame i didn't discover earlier xD I loooooove Sibelius' hair <3 such a lovely color! the two toned looks amazing.

    I'm in love with Finnhorses lately they're all over here recently! I love it ^^

  • Thanks Luna and Jester for your comments. :heart_decoration:

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    It's been a while but here we are again! I've got some great news coming up, but first I have something else to show you.

    It's spring time, which means there are mares with huge baby bellies every where! But the difference between my mares and everybody else's is that while others' mares are grazing on lush spring pastures, my mares stand in greyish snow eating last year's hay. Oh well. This picture was taken a week ago though, so it's got a bit better here! The snow has started to disappear and there's just mud now, but also a little greenish grass areas. :sunflower: I can't wait for the first coltsfeet to appear!

    This spring we've sized down our foal crop and so on we'll only be having two Finnhorse babies this year. We decided that both Nuivan Viimatar (left) and Suometar had about time to have their first offspring. I won't reveal the sires yet, so it'll be a surprise to you when I'll introduce the newborns! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    alt text

  • Moderation Committee

    Awe! I love this. not everything is wildflowers and sunshine all the time.
    Looking forward to seeing your foals :)

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