• Hunting Dawn Stables Breeding
    This thread is all of our available studs and broodmares, offered by our two stables. We have some regulations for our horses to make sure they don't become overbred, which you can see below:


    ~Fees are expected to be paid upfront.
    ~Applicants may not be inbred in way or form - check you mares pedigree, for those double names.
    ~The mare does not have to be "pure" or be the same breed.
    ~Naming is up to you. Tack, mane, tail changes are allowed. Coat or conformation changes aren't allowed. You may add new shine & detail markings
    ~Do not put the foal up for download
    ~If you plan on selling the foal, contact us first in case we want it back!
    ~All traditional breedings must carry my prefix (Hunting's) to show that they are bred by me, if it is a BIY, you may either use your prefix or mine.
    ~ If you do a BIY breeding between one of my studs & one of my mares, take off $10,000 from combined breeding price!
    ~ All traditional breedings will come with custom markings. BIY breedings can be made markings for an extra $2,000.

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  • See available studs & broodmares here!

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  • Updated studs & broodmares onto a sheet.

  • Christmas special has been added until January 1st! Breedings are now 50% off! More details in the sheets above!

  • Offer above has been extended until February 1st!

  • Sheets have been updated! If a price is too steep, please contact me and we may be able to work out something!

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