Looking for dressage mares (FOUND)

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    I am looking to breed a little foal crop this spring (March / April time) but I'm running short on mares to use, so I'm posting this to try and find two mares that I can borrow.

    The stallion that will be used is a black Trakehner stallion, with over 150 points in dressage. He will continue competing until he hits 200, then he will most likely retire. I've owned him for quite a while, but don't actually own any of his progeny. He's very dear to me, I adored and stalked this stallion for over a year before getting the chance to own him, so I'm looking for some very special mares.

    x - Must compete in dressage, as main or secondary discipline and have at least 100 points. Or at least be competing with the goal of getting to 100 points
    x - Must be one of the following breeds; Arabian, Trakehner, Thoroughbred. I have no preference for any of those breeds, but the foals bred will be registered as Trakehner.
    x - Must be okay with BIY; the foals will be created with realistic colours and genotypes, custom markings and carry only my prefix
    x - I don't want to buy or own your mare, just to borrow her for a breeding. If your mare is still competing, I am happy to use a surrogate mare of mine
    x - The stallion is a foundation, but I don't mind what generation the mare is
    x - Each breeding fee should be less than 30k. As much as I love this stallion, I really don't want to go broke trying to breed him :p

    If you have a suitable mare, please let me know. You can send me a message here or on Slack, I'm usually around and quick to respond. I will leave this open for a few days to hopefully get a few responses before I pick which mares, but I will be choosing two mares. If you'd like more details or to see pictures of the stallion, or horses that I have bred in the past, just let me know. I'm happy to post examples :)

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    Hi there hun! You're more than welcome to use any of these ladies:

    • GOS Vienna Waltz ✧ Bay Trakehner Mare // Dressage 197 pts. (4+, soon to be 5+)
    • GOS Honey and Clover ✧ Palomino Trakehner Mare // Eventing 81 pts. (2+) // Dressage 60 pts. (2+)
    • WHM Delatrice ✧ Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner Mare // Eventing 225 pts. (5+) // Dressage 164 pts. (4+)
    • WD Curacao ✧ Palomino Overo (she will no longer be an overo, I just haven't had this fixed yet) Trakehner Mare // Dressage 219 pts. (5+)
    • GOS Celebrindal ✧ Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner Mare // Dressage 82 pts. (2+) // Eventing 84 pts. (2+)
    • GOS Elwing ✧ Grey (Black) Trakehner Mare // Dressage 80 pts. (2+) // Eventing 87 pts. (2+)
    • GOS Carnimírië ✧ Flaxen Liver Chestnut Trakehner Mare // Dressage 202 pts. (10+) // Eventing 178 pts. (9+)

    I would have added GOS Winter Rose to this list, but she has already foaled this month and won't be available until June. I know you already have Vinzenz out of Vienna Waltz, but I wanted to make sure you knew she was available. Every one of them will continue to be competed until they've earned at least 100 pts. (if they haven't already reached that point). Let me know if any of these mares will do :heart:

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